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My Life In Sound Bites

#2son – Mom? I’m going to be rich when I grow up.

Jane – Sweetie, the most important thing is that you’re happy.

#2son – Well, I’m sure going to be happy when I’m rich.



#1daughter – You just don’t get it, Mom. Just leave me alone!

(Jane turns to walk away)

#1daughter – Noooo! (reaching out with both arms) Don’t go!!!


(And on a more serious note…)

(Upon seeing the cover of the latest Time magazine at Barnes and Noble two days ago. Please go here to view , if you haven’t seen it already. I’ve decided I don’t want that distressing picture on this post today.)

Husband – You know, the same people who are protesting our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan are the same people who would be up in arms if we weren’t there ‘doing something’ about the appalling and horrific treatment of women. It’s a mess either way.


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