!!! Is All About The Blog

This week is the anniversary of my blogging days and I’m all about celebrating. (Don’t forget about tomorrow, people!) I still wanted to participate in Bad Mommy Moments and Momalom’s Intentional Happiness !!! project. And then I remembered…

My handy, dandy little notebook where (when I remember it’s in my purse) I jot down post ideas or phrases my kids have said or husband witticisms…

And then there’s the funny, fun doodles by my kids that surprise me when I open up my handy, dandy notebook that always give me a giggle or at least a smile…

I love my Mickey Mouse pen…

I have a lot of Mickey Mouse pens. I have no idea how many I have. I just know they bring me !!! Here are a couple more I found at the bottom of my purse….

I even have my boys hooked on Disney…

Blogging. Right. Back to blogging. My Coca Cola mouse pad brings a smile and makes me thirsty for my favorite drink (never diet). Classic Coke. Elixir of the gods…

Even my old dinosaur of a computer brings me !!! Especially when I’m sitting here, crafting posts for all of my blogging friends…

And then my eye is drawn to my dear pal, Mickey Mouse, hanging out on the futon. Have I mentioned that I love Walt Disney and all of his creations?…

Focus, Jane, focus. We’re talking blogging here, not Walt Disney World. (Sorry, peeps. But I have a secret trip planned for my kids and I am having a heck of a time keeping it a secret. It’s been Disney on the brain ever since I figured out a way to go.) Maybe if I move him over here, closer to the computer, I can concentrate better. There. That’s perfect….

(Sigh. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go.)

For more !!! go to Momalom or Bad Mommy Moments.

Don’t forget! Write your post about blogging to help me celebrate my one year in Blog World. We’ll all meet back here tomorrow (August 13) !!! to link, learn and maybe have a few laughs!


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21 responses to “!!! Is All About The Blog

  1. We share a love for Classic Coke! Do you love it in those little glass bottles?
    I may be late with my blogging assignment..but I will be thinking of you..and reading the other “on time” “I know the value of a deadline” bloggers.

    The Mickey Mouse pen is cool..

    (what are we doing up so late, anyway!)

  2. Um…don’t your kids read your blog? I know if I wrote about keeping a big secret from them, it wouldn’t be a secret very long…


  3. Love this post, love how much blogging brings you !!!I’m actually struggling to get my groove back where it’s concerned and I’m feeling off. But reading your post made me smile, maybe all the Disney helped. 🙂

  4. Secret trip? Can we go ahead and crown you the Best of Moms right now??

    I have a Disney mug that coordinates perfectly with your black and white Disney pen. It’s my favorite for eating ice cream out of. Disney + ice cream = the whole world is just a little bit nicer.

    • Best of Moms? My husband wouldn’t agree. My obsession with Disney is…well….over-the-top. I “need” a trip at least once every 18 months and I secretly and seriously consider calling DEFACS if I hear of a child, age 6 and over, that hasn’t been to Disney World at least once.
      Crown me “Certified Disney Nut Mom” instead!

  5. Oh how fabulous, a secret trip to Disney, your kids will be so excited. My daughter loves Minnie Mouse and our house is filled with all things Minnie including her underwear. I’m assuming you don’t wear Mickey Mouse underwear?!? 🙂

  6. I am a regular cola girl myself – elixir of the gods – you got that right. Love all your writerly tools.

  7. Oh, you are so funny! Coke and Disney world; you’re my kind of girl!

  8. Awesome! A secret trip to Disney – how fun! Your kids (and you, obviously!) will love it! I love that all of your pens are Mickey Mouse. We’re not the same in choice of cola, though. I’m a Diet Pepsi girl. Not regular, it has to be diet! 🙂

    Anyway, your news is exciting! How soon are you leaving?

  9. Aww! YAY! You’ve planned a surprise trip. Those are the best!

  10. Secret trip!!! Oh my goodness. I cannot WAIT to hear the reveal on this.

  11. I do love you…even though I think you are a FREAK because you adore DisneyWorld…shudder. 🙂

  12. Happy Blogoversary!! And what fun! A secret trip to Disney!? You are so awesome. Have a great time!

  13. Yay for !!!

    And yay for Disney! (we’re going to Disneyland in February – yipee!)

  14. Happy Blogging Anniversary! Enjoy your time in Disney, it’s a great way to spend time with your family. You should have lots of notes posted in your notebook after this journey 🙂

  15. I’d have a hard time keeping that a secret too!!!

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