Not the Tomboy I Thought I Was

I used to …

wrap snakes around my wrists as bracelets, play with trucks and cars and trains, prefer playing with the boys – running and playing baseball, kickball and football, dig in the dirt, build things.

I hated…

getting dressed up – especially wearing dresses, playing “house,” playing with dolls (unless it was to switch their heads – Barbie doll heads on bigger baby dolls and vice versa), baking, cooking, sewing (I was actually kicked out of Brownies because the group leader thought I’d “be happier someplace else”), being quiet and dainty, wearing makeup, brushing my hair.

But then, I grew up. Way up. And have two adorable little boys.

And I’m finding I love…

pink and lace, dressing up, finding the perfect outfit, cooking and baking, lipstick, shopping, quiet activities like reading and writing, getting my nails done, wearing jewelry, chick flicks, tea in tea cups, and pretty anything.

I still like….

camping and canoeing, being outside, watching sports from the sidelines (or in front of the TV), action movies, digging in the dirt, and going on adventures.

But not as much as the other stuff.

Not anymore.



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14 responses to “Not the Tomboy I Thought I Was

  1. Hey, at least you are willing to camp. My idea of camping is the Hilton.

  2. Oh, me too. Me too! *sigh* When did boys suddenly get so rough ‘n tough?

  3. I did almost all the things you used to too (except playing with snakes – I preferred frogs, worms and beetles)…I grew up playing with my younger brother and the two boys down the road.

    Dresses weren’t my favourite thing to wear, and I never played house or Barbies after I was about 8. I kept my long hair in two braids, because that made brushing easier! I did like cooking and baking though (hated sewing!). Reading was something I did a lot.

    Now that I’m grown up, I haven’t changed much. I don’t wear dresses very often. Outside is still my favourite place to be. I still like cooking and baking (but not cleaning). The only shopping I really enjoy is for food, old books, or funky earrings (the only jewellery I wear regularly). Reading and writing are as essential to me as breathing. I had three girls, and two of them are “girly-girls.” I have no idea how that happened! I’ve got straighteners, nail polish, and makeup all over my house…yikes! And none of the girls like bugs…where did I go wrong?


  4. I am the opposite … loved the dresses, high heels, lace, makeup, girly things when I was young. The tomboy in me did not show up until I was older … I still hate snakes, spiders and creepy slimy things .. but, I love … casual shoes, jeans, walking in the woods, working in the yard, being out in nature … I no longer even own a pair of high heels.

  5. I love these past few posts, Jane. It’s as if you were allowing your readers to look at you more than just skin deep. I am falling in love with every layer of Jane you let me uncover. Plus, I think it’s super brave to go bare!

  6. angelcel

    LOL, I’ve often thought how alike we are. Now I’ve discovered a major difference in the camping (and sport). My husband has said of me that ‘roughing it’ to me would be a hotel with a very poor room service menu!

  7. I was a total tomboy too – never ever liked dolls, always out on the local building site with the boys creating mayhem out of cement and sand. I do like occasionally to dress up but only very occasionally and am happiest with no make-up and in my T-shirt and shorts or jeans depending on the season.

    But you know with two boys in the house I can understand you discovering a love for the pink and lace. Lovely very open post Jane.

  8. I too was about the biggest tomboy you could find…but I like all the girly things now too. But I’m still rockin’ the short hair! 😉

  9. I wasn’t a tomboy, nor a girly girl growing up. Now I think I am a hybrid – I love the outdoors, but will never say no to a pedicure!

  10. I wasn’t a tomboy or a girly girl — I only liked reading. But before having kids I mainly drank beer and since I had them I love fruity pink girly drinks. It’s totally humiliating. I blame the children.

  11. Guess I’m not quite grown up. I still don’t like pink and lace, shopping, or lipstick. On the other hand I love the other activities. Maybe I’ll make it after all.

  12. When I was a kid, I was a total tomboy. Loved climbing trees – a stick was my horse, and when I had a cold I was sure I sounded like the Lone Ranger. As a young adult, when I was working, I loved heels and pretty work clothes – although usually a simple, classic style, with an occasional funky fun thing thrown in. No pink, no lace, no frills. I also loved riding ATCs in the sand dunes, and found the conversations the men had more interesting than those of the women (who really cares how they got the creases in their kids’ jeans?) I go through periods of loving baking, then I don’t do it for awhile. Cooking is okay, but tiresome if I have to do it every day. Cleaning. Ugh. Something that must be done. I think I’m turning this comment into a post.

  13. Ahhh, mom of boys. I share many things with you but I don’t sleep on the ground unless begged by my 7 y/o. And I find I have far more women friends than I did in my younger days.

  14. Yeah, I thought I was a tomboy too. Frogs and stuff. But turns out I am extremely unathletic (I just made a word! Woohoo!) so I decided to be ladylike. Then turns out I am extremely uncoordinated. So I become a blogger.

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