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OK. My Post May Suck. But You Suck More.

At the bottom of the posts in WordPress there is a handy-dandy little feature where you can rate the post. One to five stars, rating the post as: very poor, poor, average, good and excellent. It’s not a very scientific rating system but it might give you some insight into what your readers enjoy.

Or not enjoy.

Or when they’re feeling just plain mean.

And they take it out on you. (With no reflection on your writing abilities, of course.)

This happened to me fairly recently. And I was stymied.

A click that my post was poor. Two stars.

Who does that?

And why?

When I see that handy little feature at the bottom of your posts, and I’m particularly pleased with what I’ve just read, I click good, or more typically, excellent. Five stars. If I think what you’ve written is dull, I completely skip the rating feature. I mean, who am I to deem your writing “poor?” I’m assuming most of you just skip this step if you’re bored with what I write.

Hence, the unscientific comment about the rating system.

Now, if there are lots and lots of votes on a particular post I might, I might click a less than favorable star to show my true feelings, just to make the rating system a little more legit.

But if no one has voted yet?

If not a single soul has taken the time to vote and my vote would be the very first one I would never, ever do this…

As in, two stars equals a poorly written post.

That’s just mean.

OK. Fine. My post sucks.

But do you know what?

You suck more for being just-plain-mean.

(A extra-special, heartfelt thank you to BigLittleWolf at Daily Plate of Crazy for her tireless help with the meager graphics for this particular post. Techno-dolt (that’s me) took a full 2 hours to try to do what she did in about – oh, say 2 minutes. I bow down to her greatness! You should, too!)


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