OK. My Post May Suck. But You Suck More.

At the bottom of the posts in WordPress there is a handy-dandy little feature where you can rate the post. One to five stars, rating the post as: very poor, poor, average, good and excellent. It’s not a very scientific rating system but it might give you some insight into what your readers enjoy.

Or not enjoy.

Or when they’re feeling just plain mean.

And they take it out on you. (With no reflection on your writing abilities, of course.)

This happened to me fairly recently. And I was stymied.

A click that my post was poor. Two stars.

Who does that?

And why?

When I see that handy little feature at the bottom of your posts, and I’m particularly pleased with what I’ve just read, I click good, or more typically, excellent. Five stars. If I think what you’ve written is dull, I completely skip the rating feature. I mean, who am I to deem your writing “poor?” I’m assuming most of you just skip this step if you’re bored with what I write.

Hence, the unscientific comment about the rating system.

Now, if there are lots and lots of votes on a particular post I might, I might click a less than favorable star to show my true feelings, just to make the rating system a little more legit.

But if no one has voted yet?

If not a single soul has taken the time to vote and my vote would be the very first one I would never, ever do this…

As in, two stars equals a poorly written post.

That’s just mean.

OK. Fine. My post sucks.

But do you know what?

You suck more for being just-plain-mean.

(A extra-special, heartfelt thank you to BigLittleWolf at Daily Plate of Crazy for her tireless help with the meager graphics for this particular post. Techno-dolt (that’s me) took a full 2 hours to try to do what she did in about – oh, say 2 minutes. I bow down to her greatness! You should, too!)


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33 responses to “OK. My Post May Suck. But You Suck More.

  1. There you go – I like it! I’ve only just noticed this little doofer on the blogs. Maybe it has only just arrived. Or maybe I just haven’t noticed… Anyway I wouldn’t get too strung out about it – there are detractors everywhere!!

  2. Somebody obviously got up on the wrong side of the bed, and decided to take it out on you! Sorry…you have loads of fans who like you!

    I don’t have “Ratings” enabled on my blog…I generally know whether a post rocked or sucked…you could always disable the feature…


    • No. I think I’ll keep it. Give the meanies a place to lurk and let loose. Meanies need a place to vent and I’ll volunteer to be the punching bag. Besides, I have great readers like you to help bolster my ego!

  3. I’ve seen the star rating before too – but have never used it – until now! (I just did too Amber!!!)

    Now, I’m not just saying this – but I believe your blog to be one of the the best on here (well that I follow anyhow). You write about life, love, loss… (and plenty of other things beginning with ‘L’ I’m sure) – and I’ve said it before…I don’t always comment, but I absolutely adore reading your posts when they come through (either on your site or by email). They are always humourous and always written straight from the heart.

    The two star person was obviously jealous – or couldn’t cope with a feeling that your blog created within them. Their issue, their loss! The rest of us = 5*****


    • You are, positively, the kindest, sweetest reader. Ever! (Well, you and everyone else who loves me, that is!)

      Thanks for being a faithful (yet mostly silent) reader! You rate 5 stars in my book, too!

  4. Mean people do suck. I think I saw that on a t-shirt, once.
    I gave your post 5 stars. I like it. But what does five stars mean? The insight to what readers like and don’t like is valuable but its even more valuable if we know the thought process behind the rating. What qualifies someone else to judge a blog post? Does the star rating or the like button cut down on genuine comments? Of-course, I’m only pondering, and don’t have a clue to the answers.

  5. I didn’t even know that rating system was there…and I’ve never checked it on my own blog. I think I’ll pass now!! Some people are just mean and have way too much time on their hands!!

  6. Guess what? I never knew what those damn stars were for? I thought they were decoration! Just assume people are dumbasses like me!

  7. The star rating system is so anonymous and subjective it truly means nothing. So much so that – though it might have been around – I haven’t noticed it until now. Everywhere I go online and see the five little stars, I ignore them. You said it well yourself: if somebody clicks on a 5-star because they are ecstatic, but completely disregards the message/post/link/whatever because of a negative experience or whatever beef, how much attention should we pay to the results?

    But, I am a person who always wants to see the best in people. I’m usually wrong about it, too. But I can imagine how someone hovered above the star system, wondering What’s this? and accidentally clicked while above 2. It could happen, don’t you think? (If it were me, I’d immediately click on 5 a bunch of times to average the 2 out, but that’s me, somebody who knows how to trick statistics – and hates making mistakes – and most importantly, hates making others feel bad).

    • Jana! You have a “benefit of the doubt” angel, too? She sits on my shoulder from time to time, too! But I think she was on vacation when I wrote this post. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. angelcel

    I don’t really see the point of those little stars. They more or less repeat what the ordinary stats will tell you and if they are there then they open up the opportunity for readers to effectively cast negative votes and cause offense.

    I must admit I registered that they are there but have paid no attention to them. Can you switch them off? If so, I would.

  9. I have never even noticed this feature on your blog or anyone else’s. I have to agree with angel I really don’t see the point of it, people vote with their words in blog land i.e. if you’re like me if you like something then you write a comment and if not you skip over that post.

    Anyone who takes the time to hit a rating button just to vote poor has too much time on their hands I think 🙂

  10. I agree. That’s just mean.

    One of the strange things about social media is how evident “meanness” has become. I haven’t decided if the fact that sites encourage / allow commentary is helping society by giving the “meanies” a place to vent, or further cluttering an already messy universe of coarse and chaotic cocaphony. (Okay – I’m admit I’m angling along an abyss of alliteration…)

    More to the point – I think the stars are cool, but they let the meanies go unchecked.

    (As for my greatness, lovely Jane, you crack me up! It was no big deal. Really. Enjoy your weekend! )

  11. That’s it, plain and simple. It’s just MEAN and it’s not okay!

  12. To be honest, I never rate posts, even if I find them extremely interesting. The rating system makes me all nervous and such. I hate it. It’s like, you know, since the downfall of Unabridged Girl and the wreck that my current blog is? I can’t even look at ratings.

    All the same, I can’t believe someone rated you a 2 star. WTHeck? Seriously? That really is just mean. You’re 5 Stars, Jane. You know it. 🙂

  13. 5 STARS! 5 STARS!

    There are bullies on the interweb, too:( Don’t listen. You are incredible:)

  14. Oh no. I had to right to my page after reading this, to see if I had a scary star system lurking below posts. I don’t (thank goodness). I give you a 10!

  15. You all are so sweet, so supportive and so funny and fun to hang out with! I love it here with all my 5-star friends!

  16. Jane, never, ever take this seriously! I have never read a bad post by you. I think sometimes people are just rude. Forget them and keep being you, fabulous!

  17. You just received 5 stars from me. I agree with angel, what purpose do they really serve, except to get us all twisted up. Unfortunately being mean is just in some people’s DNA. Maybe they were just having a bad day and you got in the way as collateral damage. Either way, shrug it off. You’re great!

    BTW: you can switch them off and just remove the temptation.

  18. I’ve seen the star rating thing on the bottom of your posts, but I’ve never used it. I’ll comment, or not if I don’t really have anything to say. The star rating thing is just too anonymous for me. I don’t have it on my blog – either because it hasn’t come with the templates I’ve chosen, or I haven’t activated it, not sure which.

    I don’t really care for that rating thing – Netflix uses it, and it goes from hated it, didn’t like it, liked it, really liked it, loved it – sometimes it was “just okay” or “I just didn’t really care about it” – neither of which is an option, so now what? Anyway, ignore the haters – they don’t have happy lives anyway.

  19. Ratings? There are ratings for blog posts now?

    I think I’m going to crawl back under my little rock with my corded phone and analog TV.

    Seriously, though, sorry about the hater(s) if the rating was intentional. I can also totally see someone accidentally clicking on the stars because he or she didn’t know how they worked. And then there are those of us who missed them entirely …

  20. Some people are just plain mean. But you’ve got to ask yourself – do you really want to be rated? Get rid of the stars and achieve zen!

  21. I have the Mean People Suck t-shirt! My husband bought it for me. Once a guy at the Bluesfest told me he thought my shirt was mean to mean people and he found it deeply offensive, but I’m pretty sure he was joking.

    I’ve never seen the stars either, but I’m remarkably unobservant that way. I think it’s kind of silly — you can generally tell from the amount and tenor of comments whether people thought it was good or bad. But people can leave anonymous mean comments just as easily as leaving anonymous low star ratings, so it’s no worse I guess.

  22. I have to agree. I don’t like mean people. They hide behind the, “I’m Just Being Honest” excuse when nine times out of then their opinion is even required. You’re right, mean people are the suckiest.

  23. I don’t rate and I don’t have the guts to put a rating on my blog. It’s enough for me to post weekly and the feedback has been fun. I’m not ready for it not to be fun.

  24. We can put that on our posts?! I thought you were a computer genius. Ok, now I don’t know if I’m thrilled about the idea or scared.

  25. I never even noticed those stars before. Just call me Ms. Observant.

    Some people are just jerks. Or pooheads.

  26. Anonymity brings out the worst in people.

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