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Jane’s Plea: For God’s Sake. Sometimes We Need To Ignore the Squeaky Wheel!

There is a man in Florida. He happens to be a pastor of a very small church. Tiny. As in, 35 members. And he has received lots of press, world-wide, about the little stunt he was supposed to pull tomorrow.

A teeny, tiny church, getting loads and loads of attention because on 9/11 they planned to burn a bunch of Qurans. Evangelical radicalism at it’s finest.

This reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw and loved.

This is America. He has every right to his opinion. He has every right to preach his opinion to his congregation. He has every right to hate whomever he wants to hate and he can ignore teachings he disagrees with.

And I have every right to tune him out. And so do you.

Let’s ignore the teeny, tiny, squeaky wheel in Florida. I’m asking you to change the channel any time his story or any other story that promotes hatred comes on the telly. Switch the station if you hear someone talking about hate on the radio. Change the subject if you hear someone else speaking ill of others.

This teeny, tiny pastor has a right to his opinion and we have a right to not give a flip what he thinks.

Especially on a day when we should be honoring the fallen heroes of that day.  A day when we should be praying for a greater understanding of our fellow neighbors. Praying for tolerance and peace, world-wide. Promoting constructive change and acceptance of differences. Living proudly, as positive examples to our children.

I’ll even give you something else to watch instead.

Thank you to Katybeth at My Odd Family for alerting me to this video, Hero Dogs of 911.


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