Jane’s Plea: For God’s Sake. Sometimes We Need To Ignore the Squeaky Wheel!

There is a man in Florida. He happens to be a pastor of a very small church. Tiny. As in, 35 members. And he has received lots of press, world-wide, about the little stunt he was supposed to pull tomorrow.

A teeny, tiny church, getting loads and loads of attention because on 9/11 they planned to burn a bunch of Qurans. Evangelical radicalism at it’s finest.

This reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw and loved.

This is America. He has every right to his opinion. He has every right to preach his opinion to his congregation. He has every right to hate whomever he wants to hate and he can ignore teachings he disagrees with.

And I have every right to tune him out. And so do you.

Let’s ignore the teeny, tiny, squeaky wheel in Florida. I’m asking you to change the channel any time his story or any other story that promotes hatred comes on the telly. Switch the station if you hear someone talking about hate on the radio. Change the subject if you hear someone else speaking ill of others.

This teeny, tiny pastor has a right to his opinion and we have a right to not give a flip what he thinks.

Especially on a day when we should be honoring the fallen heroes of that day.  A day when we should be praying for a greater understanding of our fellow neighbors. Praying for tolerance and peace, world-wide. Promoting constructive change and acceptance of differences. Living proudly, as positive examples to our children.

I’ll even give you something else to watch instead.

Thank you to Katybeth at My Odd Family for alerting me to this video, Hero Dogs of 911.


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23 responses to “Jane’s Plea: For God’s Sake. Sometimes We Need To Ignore the Squeaky Wheel!

  1. Thank you, Jane, for writing what (hopefully) most of us were thinking when we heard this ludicrous story! Radicalism of any sort is scary!


  2. Amen to this I say. They are discussing this very subject on national radio here as we speak on a discussion show. And I LOVE the bumper sticker – amen to that too!

  3. Angela

    Let the church say ‘amen’ – tomorrow is day, which brings back so many painful memories for me. My cousin worked there, we were one the blessed families, but for hours we didn’t have any information on her.

    Today my little cousin (her daughter) is with me, because school is out for the holiday, she is very special being only six (you can only do the calculations). I can’t listen to someone like him because he is only promoting the hate that we are trying so hard to overcome.

  4. Lunatics. Everywhere. Very Unsettling.

  5. Exactly right. If everyone had ignored him from the start his little antic would have been useless. The members of his church should recognize the danger in his words..but they won’t.

  6. True. So true. Another good reason to tune out certain news. Sometimes it’s good to ignore inappropriate demands for attention, as every good mother knows. 😉

    And thanks for video… the reminder of 9-11. The unsung heroes have now been sung.

  7. Jane: I love that you wrote this. Well stated. And you are so right. With less attention on him, we can focus on honoring heroes.

  8. Thanks Jane.

    The best advice ever handed down, “Just ignore him”


  9. Yes. Agree and ignore. It works.

  10. It’s sad the media (on both sides) won’t take your advice. Not sure what version of Christianity he’s practicing but I’m bettin’ it’s not one approved by his Maker.

    The video is great beyond words. Dogs are such wonderful creatures. Especially these dogs. And, as some will point out, DOG spelled backwards is GOD. I’m sure the analogy isn’t lost on those that owe their lives to one of them. I think I’m going to post this video tomorrow in tribute and memory of 9/11. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  11. A worthwhile post, Jane. In this vein, you should read the article here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/09/10/this-is-how-the-media-wor_n_712229.html.

    It’s a fascinating piece on how this whole disasterous thing went down. Amazing how self-serving media outlets can undermine just about anything if they put their minds to it…

    • Oh my goodness! This article certainly puts an interesting spin on the whole debacle. My measly little post only scratches the surface. Thanks for letting us know about this. Absolutely a must read!

  12. This is so well said! I’ve been wincing over messages on social networks – people threatening violence and speaking harshly against this foolish man. As if such attitudes aren’t just an extension of his hate. It’s all so sad.

  13. And he calls himself “a man of God”. Obviously a different God than I believe in. And like fools, we rush in believing what the media is saying. What happened to getting the facts, being reasonable, having some tolerance? What happened to recognizing that the horror of 911 was not created by good Muslims, but by an extremist group of Islamists that bear no resemblance to the average Muslim? And then there are the Crusades, battles fought in the name of religion. Maybe we should ban religion?

  14. Oh my god, a world of yes. Why does the media have to be so easy?

  15. Thank you!

    Don’t people realize that these types of antics are just going to cause more hatred, and more violence?

    The biggest weapon terrorists have is the media – if we ignore them, then their tactics amount to nothing.

    • Just read that they cancelled the stunt – which is good news. The not so good news is that his actions sparked riots in Afghanistan that, according to the New York Times, left at least one person dead.

      Ironically – the name of his church… The Dove World Outreach Center.

  16. I could not agree with you more. I really hate when the media blows up the antics of someone like this (with very few followers to begin with). They are creating news not reporting on real news.
    Where are the news stories of small town pastors that have made a positive difference in their communities? Or, a teacher who improved the lives of their students? Too small a following? In my opinion … people like that are more news worthy.

  17. This pastor has a right to think whatever he wants, that’s true. But book burning pisses me off more than I can express. I was just in Berlin and revisited the very beautiful and understated monument in Bebelplatz, the place where thousands of books written by Jews were burned during the Nazi reign in Germany – so I’m feeling extremely angry at this teeny tiny minded pastor in his teeny tiny minded church in his teeny tiny minded town.

    However, I’ll try not to read anything more about him and ignore his existence from here on out, just as you propose.

  18. Wow I’m not a dog fan, but boy that video moved me. Those dogs were amazing.

    Christianity should never be about hate.

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