Aye, Matey! Oh Wait. That Pirate Celebration Was So Yesterday.

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Seriously, Matey. I’m not just barking up your barnacles. A real, bona-fide holiday. And dear Velva was celebrating with a wonderful drink recipe called The Salty Dog, the day before Talk Like A Pirate Day. I think she’s just a frustrated pirate wench, starting the celebration a wee bit early.

According to this site it was also Wife Appreciation Day. But when I researched it, another site said Wife Appreciation Day fell on September 15th this year. And yet another site suggests that it is always celebrated on the third Saturday of September. That would have been the 18th this year. Always celebrated? I haven’t heard a thing from my husband yet. Although he would argue, with so much disagreement on when this holiday falls, it must mean that every day is Wife Appreciation Day.

I’m still waiting for that to happen, too.

So by now, I’ll bet you’re wondering what we’re celebrating today, aren’t you?

National Women Road Warriors Day. To celebrate women who travel for work and still manage to run a sane household. Like my dear friend at The Absence of Alternatives, for example.


If that’s not enough to celebrate.

It is also National Punch Day. Maybe Velva or The Kitchen Witch could whip up a snazzy punch recipe for us?

Or do they mean punch? As in punch in the face? Well. I don’t hang with that crowd. So I have nowhere else to send you if you want to celebrate that way. My mom told me to stay away from the likes of you. And I listened.

It’s a pretty busy week if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate.

On Tuesday we have World Alzheimer’s Day.

On Wednesday it is Hobbit Day.

On Thursday it’s Dogs In Politics Day.

(I’m starting to feel a bit like the hungry caterpillar right about now.)

And on Friday, (oh – how appropriate) punctuating the end of a perfectly busy week is…

wait for it….

wait for it….

National Punctuation Day!

What will you celebrate this week?


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18 responses to “Aye, Matey! Oh Wait. That Pirate Celebration Was So Yesterday.

  1. angelcel

    ‘Talk like a pirate day’ …’hobbit day’ …and ‘dogs in politics day’?! Hmm, could alcohol or a bit of the wacky backy have been involved somewhere in the creation of any of these, I wonder? 😀

  2. I can’t believe I forgot about Talk Like A Pirate Day. If Dave Barry were dead he would haunt me. My life must be too busy!

  3. I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day? Barnacles!

    I’ll make you some punch any day…maybe for Punctuation Day…because commas and semi-colons are important!

  4. “National Woman Road Warrior Day”? LOL. Thank you for the acknowledgement, m’lady! 🙂 BUT thank you esp. for the go-ahead to celebrate PUNCH day. You know me, so you know how I am going to celebrate it… Today you get to punch people when there is NO VW Bug in sight!

  5. I soooo don’t get Talk Like a Pirate Day. Does anyone really walk around doing that all day? Actually, I think I retract that question. Someone probably does. And they’d probably drive me crazy… (Dog in Politics? Really??)

  6. These are hilarious! Punctuation Day – the puns are whizzing round in my head, but I’ll spare you the agony!
    Sunshine x

  7. Wife Appreciation Day!???!!! Why is this being kept a secret?

  8. Penny

    Ack. So many celebrations! Although it makes me happy to know that people love celebrating so much.

  9. That’s just crazy, matey!!

  10. Now I’m glad I’m in the UK as we don’t appear to have most of your days! 😀

  11. Sanity. Totally worthy of daily celebration, even if it isn’t daily present.

  12. Here’s one for you…and my husband reminds me of this each year…

    March 14th (yes, exactly a month after Valentine’s Day) is Steak and BJ day. Yes, this is true.

    If you need reminding, let me know. It’s the one holiday my husband REMEMBERS!

  13. I think what I will celebrate this week is what I celebrate every week – the fact that I have a life, my hub, my kids, my grandkids, my animals, my friends. The fact that the sun rises every day and the moon most nights, there are always stars in the sky and I am here to see them. Although I’m intrigued by the dogs in politics thing. I’m thinking dogs could do as good a job as many of those that are there now.

  14. Ha! This got me laughing. I love posts like that.

  15. Don’t want to overwhelm you, but check out this list of National food holidays. http://www.tfdutch.com/foodh.htm
    Thursday is national white chocolate day.
    I’ll take punctuation over white chocolate every single day of the year. Cuz if it ain’t got cocoa, it ain’t chocolate.

  16. Entertaining post! On September 20th, I didn’t have to look to far to find a reason to celebrate (it was my birthday).

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