Take The Time To See The Magic Around Us

This is such an interesting experiment.

And a huge reminder for all of us to slow down.


Enjoy. And see the magic.

There IS magic all around us if we would only take the time to look.


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20 responses to “Take The Time To See The Magic Around Us

  1. I am so excited when I saw your post in my inbox! This is done by Amy Rosenthal (and team) who has a blog on WBEZ (Chicago NPR) http://blogs.vocalo.org/blog/amykr

    I have a feeling that you will love her blog and “missions”. She started this mission called ATM: Always Trust Magic, by leaving post-it notes on ATM machines. 🙂

  2. Oh yes I voted 5 stars! Take that, mean people!

  3. infernalmemo

    Completely great clip, Jane. Thanks.

  4. This video is brilliant. And yet, bizarre, isn’t it? I mean, the reactions of people.

    It certainly does inspire me to reach out and create some magic, and to be aware of the magic that already surrounds me.

  5. I love this! Alas, I bet I’d be one of the one’s walking right by, not noticing anything.

  6. I love this. I know it would depend on the day whether I would notice or not. Some days I am just better at being here all day.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, Jane…what an interesting commentary!

    I’m not very observant…I probably would miss the tree altogether.

    What’s interesting to me is the people who saw it, but walked by…did they feel that it wasn’t worth their time, or that they didn’t deserve “free money?” Perhaps they “didn’t want to get involved”?


  8. It is important to stop. (And look up.) But like Nicki, I suspect for me it would depend on the day.

  9. It would definitely depend on the day for me. If I was “on a mission” (i.e., shopping), I probably wouldn’t see it. My goal when shopping is to get done and get on to things I like better. If I was just out walking, I would see it, take pictures, read the notes, but feel I shouldn’t take any of it.

    What a fun idea!

  10. It inspired me to create magic. I loved this. Would I “see the magic” Not so sure.

  11. This. Is. Amazing! Love the girl who took about 4 of them, and the guy who ran over one with a bike but never looked up to see the others.

    What a unique and imaginative way to portray the “magic” around us. I found it sad to watch people walk by without even noticing the tree…just going through the motions of life, never really seeing it.

    Great post. Five stars!

  12. How interesting. I like the fact that the people that did notice the money only took one note each, apart from that one girl in the high heels who photographed it and then took several. I think she was after a new pair of shoes! 😀

    I think it was just well behaved bunch of people that felt they’d be breaking the law to take the money myself.

  13. So cool and a great idea. Thanks for sharing this Jane. You always elevate me (especially with your clips) to think about goodness.

  14. I just can’t get over how many people didn’t even notice. How many just raced by, trying to get somewhere. Or how many people were afraid to stop and see.

  15. jterrill

    It just goes to show how much we really miss out on in life because we are so busy; being, doing and going. This was a very cool idea, well done!

  16. Excellent .. there are so many things in our life that we look at every day but just don’t really see.

    (I don’t know if I would have taken a dollar if I would have seen them … I would have thought it was some kind of joke or trick. Or, I would have been respectful thinking that someone decorated the tree for a special reason … especially with notes on them. I would have been tempted to watch others walk past or to read the notes on them, though … wonder what would be different if they were $20 bills?)

  17. Oh, I know how I’d respond. I’d take photos, post them to Facebook, and then walk away out of fear that this was some What Would You Do? trick and I’d wind up the greedy girl on tv.

  18. My dad told me about this! I would love to do that or something like it!

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