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!!! At The Airport

I had to fly to Michigan this past weekend. And I’m not fond of flying. Oh sure, it gets you places oh-so-quickly. But you have to rely on the skills of a stranger and the ability of a 200,000 pound airplane to glide effortlessly through the air.

Because my daughter needed the car to pick up her brothers from school, I had to arrive at the airport very early. Plenty of time to enjoy some of my favorite things….

People watching. One of the best pasttimes ever.

I never understood why people worried about the comfort of their earbuds. I’m never able to listen to my ipod for more than a few minutes at a time. But alone in the airport? I’m so grateful to my daughter for lending me these…


There is nothing like uninterrupted reading time. No xBox controls to fix. No disagreements to moderate. No dinner to start preparing. Heaven.

What else brings me !!! at the airport? Valerian. Two little capsules before I fly to settle my nerves. And two little capsules before encounters with my mother. Peace in a bottle.

I don’t chew gum. I blame my orthodontist. He banned gum chewing during my braces years and then kept me in them for most of my adolescence. I never picked up gum chewing in adulthood. When I fly, Starburst candies do the trick to help relieve the pressure. Tasty, too.

There you have it. Jane’s !!! for flying. What makes your flying adventures more bearable?

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