!!! At The Airport

I had to fly to Michigan this past weekend. And I’m not fond of flying. Oh sure, it gets you places oh-so-quickly. But you have to rely on the skills of a stranger and the ability of a 200,000 pound airplane to glide effortlessly through the air.

Because my daughter needed the car to pick up her brothers from school, I had to arrive at the airport very early. Plenty of time to enjoy some of my favorite things….

People watching. One of the best pasttimes ever.

I never understood why people worried about the comfort of their earbuds. I’m never able to listen to my ipod for more than a few minutes at a time. But alone in the airport? I’m so grateful to my daughter for lending me these…


There is nothing like uninterrupted reading time. No xBox controls to fix. No disagreements to moderate. No dinner to start preparing. Heaven.

What else brings me !!! at the airport? Valerian. Two little capsules before I fly to settle my nerves. And two little capsules before encounters with my mother. Peace in a bottle.

I don’t chew gum. I blame my orthodontist. He banned gum chewing during my braces years and then kept me in them for most of my adolescence. I never picked up gum chewing in adulthood. When I fly, Starburst candies do the trick to help relieve the pressure. Tasty, too.

There you have it. Jane’s !!! for flying. What makes your flying adventures more bearable?

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18 responses to “!!! At The Airport

  1. I will need to try Valerian sometimes! Glad your trip went smoothly!

    What makes flying better? “Flying by myself with NO kids in tow” makes everything better. 😉

  2. Hi Jane:

    This was a fun post! I’m with Lin…flying without kids would be heavenly!

    I’m not much of a gum chewer either…might try your Starburst idea…


  3. Steven Harris

    Mmm Starburst! However, even their juicy flavours wouldn’t help me get airborne. Unless they put chemicals in them to make me grow my own wings.

  4. Flying sucks but at least you were solo…flying with kids is miserable! I love Starburst! Luckily, Halloween is coming soon so I can sneak them out of Miss M.’s bucket!

  5. In my working career days I used to travel and fly a lot. I do not have any fears about flying but after many bad experiences always worry until we are on our way about delays, airplane breakdowns, airport strikes, fires on runways, you name it I’ve lived through them all. But I never enjoyed flying, it was a necessary task to get from A to B.

    However, going away for the first time on my own since my daughter was born? Heaven! People watching at the airport, selecting my snacks and treats for the plane ride, getting my pumpkin spice latte right before boarding and then spending three hours reading and scribbling in my notebook, with no interruptions? Bliss, pure bliss 🙂

  6. I’ve never been a big gum chewer myself (not because of braces but because it eventually gives me a stomachache). But man do those Starbursts sound good!

    Flights from where we live tend to be long — either you’re headed halfway across the U.S. or all the way. I’ve lately started trying to complete the in-flight magazine crossword puzzle before landing (which usually gives me about 4 hours?). Haven’t done it yet, but I’m getting closer …

  7. unabridgedgirl

    Valerian? I might have to try that the next time I fly. I worry that one of these times I’m going to end up looking like Marge Simpson circa that really old, old episode where she’s running back and forth through the cabin, screaming, “Let me off! Let me off! Let me off!” LoL

  8. STAR

    Nuf ced.

    !!! to the !!!

  9. I’m right with you on all counts, except I’ve never tried Valerian (but might) and I do chew gum. Once I was reading a Roddy Doyle book in English and the guy beside me was reading the same book in German. 🙂

  10. jterrill

    Gosh so many new ideas in one post; love the title and cover of the book, Valerian!!! need I say more and starburst instead of gum, awesome! Thanks for sharing. Your posts make me smile! :p)

  11. Well, I’m already IN Michigan, so no need to fly there…LOL…and besides I LOVE to fly…

    I’m wondering if you liked the book…should I add it to my goodreads to be read list?

    And starbursts? YUM!

  12. I have the very same earbuds, minus the little blue skulls. They fit the best, and I can wear them while walking to work. I havent flown since I was in Highschool, so its been 13 or 14 years… I gave up counting. My brother and I used to go to the Chicago airport and just watch the planes… Can’t do that anymore, they dont let you. I kinda miss it.

  13. I don’t mind flying. But I do mind what you have to go through before you can get on the plane nowadays. I spend a lot of time looking out the window (assuming I have a window seat). On the flight to Korea, I spent nearly all of the flight over watching that little plane on the little map on the screen on the back of the seat in front of me. At least I know what we flew over on the way, but it didn’t do much to make the flight feel shorter. Wine, which was free, does help.

  14. I’m just repeating the same… “flying with no kids”… but seriously it’s true. Flying is a pain in the butt. Little kids along just kicks it up a notch or two. I like how you’ve found a system that works for you. Maybe someday when I fly alone again I’ll find something that works for me. Or maybe by then transporters will be invented. Either way, I’m good. 😉

  15. I. Hate. Flying. I may have to try that herb the next time I have to fly! And I would definitely rather have Starburst than gum!!

  16. I’m not overly fond of flying either, but you deal with it because you have to. I love when you get the little TV screens in the seat backs. That helps for long flights!

    But I’m thinking your peace-in-a-bottle might help more.


  17. Sign me up for Valerian. I am a horrible airplane person, anticipating everything that can go wrong. When I fly with my daughter she is always telling strangers that I am a scaredy-cat. They chuckle, but I am still completely tense.

    Love the shout out to Starbursts…

  18. I fly a great deal from the UK to the States. That’s about an 11 hour flight. I take very little with me. I rely on the in house entertainment and the wine!

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