Calling All Bloggers! Who Is Your Favorite Read?

On Monday I shared with you my top ten ways (OK – maybe not the top ten of all time but certainly the top ten of that particular day) to avoid writing a blog post. And Aging Mommy, of the blog of the same name, had a wonderful idea.

She asked for “a post where you ask everyone to name their favorite non-celebrity blogs (the ones who will never come and say hello to us lowly beings) is in order, I would love to find some new great reads without the hard work.”

How about it? Are you in? Please say yes!

In the comment section below please add the link of one of your favorite daily/regular reads. If you’re a regular, you pretty much know who hangs out here. Try to name someone who is not a Theycallmejane regular. And sorry folks, but everyone on my blogroll is off-limits, too.

We’re trying to stir the bloggy pot. Breathe new life into our blogging existence. Give a shout out to someone who is staying under the radar.

And already I’m breaking my rule #1. I only hang out with you people, here. Honest. I don’t visit many blogs that don’t already comment at my place. So forgive me when I give Gale at Ten Dollar Thoughts a shout out. If you haven’t visited her yet – you should. She’s thoughtful and insightful. She inspires me to be a better writer.

Thanks for playing! And I’m going to take the liberty of saying that anyone you list below thanks you, too! I know I would!


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28 responses to “Calling All Bloggers! Who Is Your Favorite Read?

  1. You already know about Mr & Mrs Planet so I’ll give you an American living in Scotland – a sewer and maker of things and killingly funny – she makes me laugh out loud at my desk…

  2. Jayne

    I don’t *think* I’ve seen Carma around here…
    so I’m going to say Carma at CarmaSez.

    She’s witty, sweet and funny – definitely someone I’d like to meet IRL.

  3. I’d like to recommend my friend Harsha at “H is for Happiness.” She is a doctor living in India with her husband and adorable two-year-old son. Her posts are well-written, often touching, and full of beautiful photos. They’re also educational! I’m learning lots about Hindu gods and holiday celebrations! Harsha herself is very nice too!


  4. Janelle

    I have been a fan of many blogs but then gradually delete them as my favorites as time goes by. My current favorite two…they call me jane 🙂 and whatever at


    If you like snark, you’ll love this site. Especially good when Shauna Glenn is posting.

  6. Wow! Thanks, Jane. I’m really, really flattered! One of my favorites lately is Eva at Eva Evolving: She is thoughtful, earnest, and self-deprecating all at the same time. I read her posts and just want to hug her. (Not sure if she’s a TCMJ regular – she’s not in your blogroll…)

  7. I didn’t think you would do this but I am so very glad you have. I am going to stop by later and read all the comments and visit all the blogs recommended and find myself some great new reads, so thank you.

    Here are some of my favorite blogs that I think will be new to you:

    Tarja at
    Betty at
    Joey at
    Kate at
    Alita at
    Cecilia at
    Tina at
    Elissa at
    Cheryl at

    Tarja writes the most humorous and unique of slants on Motherhood and is pure genius. Betty writes wonderful posts on Motherhood and life and is a great photographer. Joey writes about life as a Mother and about life with a hearing disadvantaged child. Kate writes some beautifully poignant posts on Motherhood. Alita is an amazing photographer, not only that she is a great writer too. Cecilia is another amazing writer, who is so very open and honest about life, you will like her Jane if you don’t already know her. Elissa is a great photographer and a person who can sew and be creative and do all the things I could never do. Cheryl, well she is just one very special lady.

  8. She just went back to work full time so she posts a little less often but when she does it usually a gem.

  9. I really like Justine at Here Where I Have Landed: . She is a very talented writer, always honest and heart-felt. You can feel the love that she has for Her Guy and her Little Miss with every story she tells and she has a great sense of humor, too!

  10. I’m am honored that Jayne mentioned my blog 🙂 Having some feedburner issues, so please ignore the current post if you are interested in getting a glimpse of my blog. You’ve got a nice place here!

  11. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile…an so of course you’ve got listed my usual reads. Will get back to you on this one. Cute idea!

  12. unabridgedgirl

    Hee! I like this. I always check out Wild Archaic at She’s always full of great ideas and lists and facts.

  13. This one is not your regular blog, but Dennis at writes short stories based on pictures and I absolutely adore the simplicity and beauty of them.

  14. I like Lindsay at She writes exceptionally well and her posts have so much heart.

  15. These are fantastic! Thanks, everyone! I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do this weekend!

  16. jterrill

    Great idea Jane…finding interesting new blogs can take up so much time…time I just don’t have…I am sure I will find at least a handful of new blog stops…

    btw..other than “theycallmejane” I really enjoy and

    have a great weekend scanning all the new blog suggestions

  17. There are too many wonderful writers out there! (I also love Gale, and Rudri, and Justine, and Kristen, and Kitch, and Linda… I could go on……)

    I’ll mention Bruce at Privilege of Parenting. Sometimes he takes your thought processes on an incredible journey, and it’s easy to find yourself immersed in a very different world as you read him. (

    And for those who don’t read Real Delia – she deals in wide ranging, smart, and fascinating topics with her tips on adulthood (

    The real dilemma is the lack of time! (Why don’t we all have 3 hours / day just to read online??)

  18. Here’s more:

    Jess at

    ZDub at

    These are the ones that I’m so excited to see what they say next. And I almost always comment! (Yes, I enjoy them that much!!!) 😉

  19. If you’d like to see life in the north woods go visit Kathy at

    She’s into photos right now because she just got a new camera, but her writing is beautiful as well.

  20. PS: this was a really good idea, I’m looking forward to reading some new blogs this weekend as well!

  21. I’d like to recommend Aspergers: A Mom’s Eye View –

    Touching, funny, interesting and often thought provoking thoughts from a Mom and how she is turning her son’s AS into his advantage!

    Although directed at people on the spectrum, there’s good stuff in there for parents generally.

    Great idea 🙂 Thanks.

  22. I came by because I was notified that my blog was mentioned in this list. Thanks Aging Mommy!

    I read and and Aging Mommy of course on a daily basis!

    Like you, I mostly read people that comment on my blog so these things are nice to find some newbies!

  23. A few that are new to me that I have found joy in reading in the past month or so are:
    Misadventures of Average Girl (
    Open to Adventure

    (Does anyone know what happened to Lua at Bowl of Oranges? She just vanished.)

  24. I like going to Catherine every day. I get clothing ideas and and thoughts on other things. She always perks me up when I am feeling blue.

  25. Please excuse my tardiness, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been moving my blog to a .org site and it’s consumed most of my waking thoughts. What a great idea to shout out new blog friends to discover. One of my new favorites is Leslie at Her writing is elegant yet very down-to-earth real. Hope you like her.

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