Deep Thoughts With Jane (And Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


“I have often thought what a melancholy world this would be without children, and what an inhuman world without the aged.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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12 responses to “Deep Thoughts With Jane (And Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

  1. I like this, Jane. Deep? Yes. True? Yes!

  2. Steven Harris

    Good old STC! I wish I’d known this quote when I was arguing his merits years ago to someone who felt his work was awful and mustn’t be read by default because he was ‘on drugs’. MIght not have helped me win the argument though as they didn’t change their mind when I told them that laudenum was perfectly legal at the time and you might as well dismiss the entire works of Dylan Thomas because it was written drunk.

  3. Children give us laughter and keep us young. The elderly give us wisdom. Without either, it most assuredly would be a boring world.

  4. Just today, as I was walking into my *super-fun* appointment, I saw an elderly woman who was so incredibly well put-together and radiant. I smiled at her, she smiled back, and I said, “You’re beautiful.”

    I meant it, and her reaction was my favorite thing about this week–she absolutely beamed. It got me thinking how in this country (unlike others) the elderly become invisible…and isn’t that sad?

    • Good for you, Kitch. Isn’t it fun to pay a random compliment just because the feeling of admiration is so genuine? Last week I told a little girl (9-ish) that I liked her freckles. She was covered in them. She looked back at me (I’m covered in them as well) and said, “You too.” It was a sweet moment.

  5. That is a deep thought. But a post titled Deep Thoughts inevitably makes me think of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, like ‘if you ever fall off a tall building, you should pretend like you’re a dummy because then someone might see you and try to catch you because hey, free dummy’. What a less-dorky world this would be if not for the middle aged.

  6. Beautiful. As what I believe is considered “aged” or approaching that, any good words are appreciated.

    Seriously, that is a most beautiful thought.

  7. Beautiful. And true. So true.
    Sunshine xx

  8. If we only learnt how to treat both better, we’d be a better world.

  9. Eloquent, and in so few words.

    And I would echo Madame DeFarge’s sentiments.

  10. I love that photo. If I look closely enough, I can almost overhear the conversations they’re sharing.

  11. Oh, Jane. I needed this. I haven’t read blogs in a long time, but this week I needed exactly this. My boys, my 94-year-old grandma…won’t wear you down with details but this is desperately supportive right now. Thank you.

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