A Shout Out To The Socially Responsible

After writing my post yesterday – off the cuff and pushing the publish button as fast as my fingers could because I was so late in posting – I realized I could only name one company, off the top of my head that epitomized social responsibility.

I’m all about the socially responsible. I’m fantastic at boycotting the companies I’m in disagreement with. I want to be just as fantastic at supporting the companies that promote value and values. Social ones, that is.

Yesterday, I mentioned TOMS Shoes.

Love them. The shoes. The company. Great product and purpose.

I did a little research and here are my next top 5 shout outs for social responsibility:

Bodoblankets.com – Another “One to One” company. Quality, gorgeous blankets. And for every one you buy, they’ll donate one to someone in need. They are environmentally conscious and committed to community service.

We Are One Heart: An organization that sell t-shirts with the same phrase. Every time you buy one, one is given to a child in Haiti.

Newman’s Own: The great Paul Newman started this company where 100% of the profits go to worthy charities. To date, they given over $295 million. We love their salsa and Caesar dressing. You can find their products in your local grocery store, too.

Ethos Water: Another easy purchase. My kids like a treat after school and Starbucks is quite convenient for us. But I don’t like to drink caffeine that late in the day. Ethos Water, sold at Starbucks, is committed to providing fresh, clean water to people in developing countries. Granted, just 5 cents a bottle goes to the cause but nickels add up. To date, they have raise $6.2 million of their $10 million humanitarian water grant goal.

Bead for Life: Their catch phrase is “Eradicating poverty one bead at a time.” Beaded jewelry, created by impoverished women from Uganda and around the world, trying to make a better life for their families. The goal is to make the women self-sufficient, independent and able to support themselves within 18 months of entering the program. I’m all about empowerment! Love this program!

Now start clicking! And in the comments section below – add your favorite socially responsible charity. Spread the word and we can all make a difference.


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11 responses to “A Shout Out To The Socially Responsible

  1. Jim Mullen is socially responsible in the message he spreads. He makes Kick ASS APPLE SAUCE. He was also a plainclothes Chicago cop when a bad guy shot him in the face with a .357 caliber pistol. The bullet went through his cheek and lodged in his spinal column, leaving him a quadriplegic. His attitude is amazing…his apple sauce is delicious….


  2. We buy the Paul Newman products too – my daughter likes the pasta sauces. I like it when places you might not expect to do so promote charities, like Corner Bakery who have been promoting the No Kid Hungry program, if you give $5 they match your donation and you get a booklet of vouchers to use at Corner Bakery which adds up to more than $5 worth of benefits. Addressing the huge issue here in the US of more than 20% of children going hungry is a cause I support any way I can and Corner Bakery is a great place to go for a salad or soup and sandwich.

  3. Just wanted to second your shout-out for Tom’s shoes. I bought my first pair this summer and hardly ever leave home without them. Now the trick is to figure out which of their styles is Midwest winter-worthy. 🙂

    We are also big fans of Newman’s Own. A major recipient of their profits is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camps – summer camps for kids with serious illnesses and special needs. I highly recommend the Newman-O’s cookies!

  4. We’ve always purchased Newman’s products as well. I’ve never heard of Bead for Life but it looks like a great source for Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing! I try to shop at stores(companies) that are socially and/or community aware.

  5. All good ones. Just wish I liked Tom’s Shoe styles better 😦

  6. jterrill

    I have a friend who crochets really cute hats…I have two…for every hat she sells she donates one to an organization called Love out Loud. Stacy is continually giving out of the goodness of her heart. Her selfless acts touch lives every day.

  7. I love that your provided this information to your readers. We love Newman’s Own Products and am I certainly going to check out the other sites you mentioned. Thanks Jane.

  8. Thanks for the research. I totally have to support these businesses.

  9. I don’t have any products to add, but what a wonderful post! I think socially conscious companies deserve a shout-out!

  10. Thanks for letting us know about these!

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