Dear Lady At Kohl’s

Dear Lady-at-Kohl’s-with-your-19-items-one-of-which-needed-a-price-check,

You can’t say you didn’t see me coming. We made eye contact. Just after I said to my boys, “Come on boys. Let’s get going.”

You see, they’re little boys. And they dawdle. And daydream. But we had to get going. This was an unscheduled stop in our on-the-way-home-from-school routine. #1son’s shoes ripped at the seams during school and needed to be replaced. We came in for a pair of shoes. We ended up with two pairs, one for each boy. They wanted to hold the boxes themselves. Apparently, walking and holding a box was slowing them down.

You had been browsing in the women’s section. When you heard me, our eyes locked. And then you looked at the registers and noticed there was no line. So you shoved your cart out into the aisle and elbowed (yes, elbowed) my son, my seven-year-old son, out of your way. And then you proceeded to race us to the cashier.

You won. With your nineteen items and my two. I glared at you, trying to stare a hole in the back of your head. Wishing evil things. Things I can’t share here because my readers think I am oh-so-kind. But I’m not. Not when an almost elderly woman, with a wedding band, who has surely had children, nearly mows down my child and pushes past me in order to beat us to the line.

So we waited behind you, quite patiently. And then it happened. Item number 12 needed a price check. “I’ll wait,” you said oh-so-sweetly. So we all waited. Me. My boys. And the 4 people now behind us.

Finally, another cashier opened. She said a few times, “I’ll take the next in line.” Which was me. But with 4 more people behind us, I knew someone else would jump ahead of me. But the lady insisted. And so did the lady directly behind me. So we, me and my boys, step out of line and who should appear? Another (insert expletive) jerk who was in more of a hurry than I was, apparently.

The kind, sweet soul who was behind us in the first line graciously called me over to my original spot. She shook her head and commiserated with me. You see, she noticed not only Mr. Jerk, but you, too. I said, “Some days are like this.” “But they shouldn’t be,” was her reply.

You left. Finally. And we paid for our measly two items. And walked out of the store. Me and my dawdling two boys. You were parked right next to me. You were preparing to drive away. But you saw us coming. Protectively, I put out my hands to stop my boys from walking. If your driving was anything like your shopping cart maneuvers, we were in trouble.

But you waved us ahead. I stood firm. You kept waving. Finally, I allowed us to cautiously, so very cautiously, step in front of your car. And safely pass in front of you to our own vehicle.

After all.

It was the least you could do.

(Ok. I feel better now.)


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26 responses to “Dear Lady At Kohl’s

  1. Jayne

    Oh the joys of shopping. I could feel the invisible key in my back turning as I read this!

  2. Hopefully, karma will take care of her…feeling your pain, Jane!


  3. Steven Harris

    Vent, vent, vent. Always good for the soul, especially when to do so in the supermarket would lead to being told off by the manager in his little office 😀

  4. There are some nasty old codgers out there, true? I wish her a nice big hemorrhoid for that little bit of assholery.

  5. That always seems to happen to me as well. Once I was in a grocery line and the elderly woman behind me was holding three items. I didn’t have a lot of groceries, but I told her that since she had so few items, she could go ahead of me. She smiled and yelled, “George, come on over here.” George came over with a cart overflowing with groceries and they proceeded to go ahead of me in line. I was so stunned that I just stood there with my much smaller cart. Couldn’t think of a thing to say.

  6. The rudeness of strangers – I don’t know why it surprises me when I’ve witnessed it so many times. Here’s to better shopping days Jane…

  7. I find that it’s usually the more elderly who are the rudest – always pushing their trolley into your back in an effort to propel you through the checkout faster – and they are usually the ones with all the time in the world!

  8. Gee, I thought only old, cranky shoppers in Florida did that sort of thing.

  9. It’s a bit like when people get behind the wheels of a vehicle (no wonder you were cautious out at the parking lot) – some demon takes over and people just do the most discourteous of things when armed with a trolley.

  10. This is excellent. I think we can all relate to this situation. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

  11. Your post is proof why do not like rude people. Sorry, it happened. No doubt she enjoyed being rude.

  12. People are jerks. We shouldn’t let their jerkiness dictate our mood and days. Though I would have said something snarky.

  13. Why, oh why, do people do that? It’s so rude and ridiculous. Just like when drivers swerve and go speeding past someone, just to end up at a red light only one car ahead of the person! Have a little patience, people! Seriously, two items! She should have happily let you go ahead of her, not race to beat you there! Not cool. And it will only get worse as the stores get busier before Christmas. Fun times. Glad you were able to vent!

    PS: I don’t know why, but I’m glad that I now know your real name! 🙂

  14. How rude.. Unless I’m running completely behind schedule or someone is waiting for me, I usually let people who have only a couple items go ahead of me (if I have way more), especially if they have young children. I think that’s just common courtesy. But, to even elbow a kid to get there first – that’s ridiculous. I can’t believe that people are so rude these days.

  15. jterrill

    I see it more and more these days, people have a real entitlement attitude. I see it everywhere I go. I remember a time when people were courteous to one another. A time when people weren’t in such a hurry to get where they are going. Now days you barely get an acknowledgement from individuals standing next to you in line.
    The lady at Kohls definitely has a bad case of entitlement attitude and control issues, both displayed by her actions in the store and in the parking lot.
    Maybe the stars and planets will align and she will stumble upon your blog and have an epiphany and correct her behavior. Or, she gets a flat tire on her way to wherever she was headed, at least a girl can hope.

  16. And it will only get worse as the holidays approach…

    If I am not in a hurry (and not in pain), I always check the person behind me when I’m in the supermarket checkout line. I nearly always have a hefty load (Teen, they name is Bottomless Pit) – and if someone has a small load I ask if they want to go ahead of me.

    Really… it’s a small thing. It’s called consideration. Something we used to learn, and practice. It makes the world a little nicer. And gratis.

  17. That need to be first was one of the things that made me crazy before we left Southern California. I don’t run into it so often now, thank goodness!

  18. Love this letter! Now, if only you could send it to her…

  19. unabridgedgirl

    Psht. That’s annoying. It’s even more irritating (and down right rude) that she pushed your son out of the way. Some days are really like that, though, and you held your own, at least, without making yourself look just as bad. Yay Jane!

  20. People are so rude lately, so infuriating. I would have let you go.

  21. Oh, have I been there — (The wrinkles I have from staring holes in back of heads!)

    This was very well-written, and should be posted at the registers in all major department stores 😉

  22. I agree with Amanda, except the jerks apparently don’t read either. Those are the moments I wish I carried a fly swatter and could just bat them in the head. Fortunately, the sweet, polite and friendly people often out number the jerks.

    And oh the sweet catharsis of being a blogger when faced with those moments 😉

  23. Arrgghh!

    I think her daughter lives here. I went for a walk today and saw a young woman walking her very large dog past my 80-year-old friend’s house. Her dog pooped in the friend’s yard. She saw me looking and reached in her pocket and pulled out a bag. When I walked by on my way home, I saw that she did, indeed, pick it up–then tossed the bag into the yard.

    Now… do I stoop to her level and pick up the bag and deposit it on the porch of her apartment, since I happened to see her going home and know where she lives? Probably.

  24. It’s possible to be intensely kind and still human, Jane. You had every reason to be angry. And to let it out here. Because the fact that you didn’t yell at her maintains your “Nicest Awesome and Intelligent Blogger” status. So vent away. We’ll stand by you.

    What a crummy day. And thank heavens for the lady behind you. Because that kindness gave you the breathing space to not lose it. I hope someone was kind to her, too.

  25. Oh yes, yes. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt…or 2 pairs of shoes in your case. My daughter has just ripped her shoes, and I see a trip to the shops coming too, and now, thanks to you, I’m prepared.

    Where’s my helmet.

  26. I usually let the other person know my “piece of my mind” by “talking to” my kids loudly. You are much classier. 🙂

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