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It’s Friday Night Game Night. But It’s Not Night.

It’s Friday and it’s time for a little fun. How about a round of twenty questions?

20. Is it living? – Yes

19. Is it an animal? – No

18. Is it a person? – Yes

17. Is this person famous? – Yes

16. Is this person male? – No

15. Is this person still alive? – Yes

14. Was this person born before 1960? – Yes

13. Is this person famous for television or movies? – Not really.

12. Is this person known for their pretty face? – Yes

11. Is this person married? Not now. But was. Four times.

10. Does this person have children? Yes. Three.

9. Is this person from the United States? – Yes

8. Does this person live on the West Coast? – No

7. Does this person look like she lives on the West Coast? – Yes

6. Does she eat meat? – No

5. Does she eat? – Yes. She still looks healthy and much younger than her chronological age.

4. Is she a role model? – In some respects, yes.

3. Have she ever been nominated Mother of the Year? – Yes

2. Has she ever been in a music video? – Yes

1. Does she look great in a swimsuit? – Apparently, yes. Three consecutive times yes.

Who is she?

(Your turn!)


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