Recipe For The No-Fail Blog Post

Preheat home to a comfortable 68 degrees.


1 caramel macchiato from Starbucks

1 small notebook

favorite Mickey Mouse pen

10 nimble fingers

1 keyboard and computer (preferably connected together as a unit)

1 comfy chair in a room void of distraction


1. Sit down in comfy chair and sip the foam off your caramel macchiato while the computer boots up. Once your home page is ready, scan the headlines for ideas. Jot down the plethora of ideas that begin filling your head. Flip through the pages of your notebook for all of the cryptic messages you’ve left yourself. Wonder what in the world you were thinking.

2. In your overloaded brain, combine headlines, pictures and cryptic notebook messages. Mix well. Sit back and sip coffee until a clear idea rises to the top.

3. Once a clear idea has taken shape, take nimble fingers and type clear idea until a blog post begins to form. If needed, shake head in disbelief that you finally have something to say.

4. After your draft is finished, cover and let simmer for the time it takes for a quick potty break. Uncover and review post.

5. Score post with revisions. Add humor, if necessary.

6. Use spellcheck and wish you could remember how to reinstate grammar check. Kick self for getting angry with grammar check and disabling it.

7. Debate whether to comb the internet for pictures to illustrate your No-Fail Post. Realize you have no idea what the perfect picture would be and give up.

8. Press publish.

And voila! You have the perfect recipe for the No-Fail Blog Post!



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13 responses to “Recipe For The No-Fail Blog Post

  1. unabridgedgirl

    You know what I love? That you have a Mickey Mouse pen. XD

  2. Ah…if only it were so easy 😉

  3. Love this! It is so funny to see how everyone blogs differently and yet we all blog well (well, some better than others, but you know what I mean). I got the perfect image of you writing one of your killer posts. =)

  4. Sounds delicious.

    Send Saint Bernard bearing Starbucks and maybe a scone?

    Lovely to read you, as always.

  5. Perfect. I will take two and a Grande Peppermint mocha.

  6. I’m saving that recipe, although I’ll take a chai latte. Or, if I’m blogging in the evening, a glass of wine.Wine seems to help untangle the thoughts that have run in circles in the brain so long they’ve criss-crossed and stacked themselves into number 8s. What a mess!

  7. Steven Harris

    Can I add – sit back and wait for plethora of positive comments from friends and newcomers in the blogoshpere? 😉

  8. Interesting to hear about your “process”, Jane…mine is slightly different, and doesn’t involve a notebook (or a pen!). I often get my best ideas for blog posts while I’m supposed to be sleeping! Once I actually get started writing, I usually require several “potty breaks” because I’ve been drinking so much tea! I don’t use computer aids to check for spelling and grammar, counting on my somewhat-addled brain to handle that…

    I love Steven’s comment about waiting for positive comments…so true!


  9. Let’s change it to a chai latte and the recipe sounds perfect to me. Cute post Jane!

  10. I only wish that would work for me, but I’m so pleased it works for you!

    I’m with Wendy, my best blog post ideas happen when I should be sleeping.

  11. Yes to the caramel macchiato, the ventier the better! =>

  12. Tru dat to the looking for the perfect picture for illustration part. It took me almost an hour surfing the net today looking for a picture of Black Forest Cake. Srly, self?

  13. One is supposed to prepare and research for a blog post? Oh.

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