Love It Or Hate It? (50 Cent Fans? This Post Isn’t What You Think It Is)

Love it or Hate it?

I’ll tell you. (My answers are in parenthesis)

Then, you tell me.




1. Snow days when school gets cancelled and there isn’t any snow on the ground and the roads are clear? (Hate it!)

2. A real Christmas tree complete with dropping needles? (Love it!)

3. Asymmetrical haircuts? (Still hate it!)

4. House guests in your home for 20 straight days in a row? (It’s love/hate for me)

5. Shopping online? (Love it!)

6. Shopping at Whole Foods? (I love it! My wallet hates it!)

7. Tuna Noodle Casserole? (I loved it as a kid. As an adult, I’ve pulled a 180. Hate it!)

8. The Apprentice Season 10? (Loved it!)

9. Amazing Race – any season? (Love it!)

10. Reality shows on MTV?  (Hate it!)

11. College bowl games on December 31 and January 1? (Love it!)

12. Spreading out the football games from December 18 – January 10th? (Hate it!)

13. The mom who chewed out her NHL coaching son for using foul language? (Love it!)

14. Eggnog? (Hate it!)

15. Truman Capote’s boxed set of The Thanksgiving Visitor and A Christmas Memory? (Love it, love it, love it and I read it every year and never tire of it!)

16. Pixie haircuts? (Love it! Just wish I could pull it off.)

17. Creating a Facebook page for your baby? (Hate it!)

18. Trying to complete this post on a dinosaur of a computer with a slow internet hook-up? (Hate it!)

19. Being completely finished with Christmas shopping a week before the big day? (Love it!)

20. Having a blog that, not only provides a creative outlet, but has introduced me to some amazing people and some amazing writing? (Love it, love it, love it!!!)

What do you love and hate?


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19 responses to “Love It Or Hate It? (50 Cent Fans? This Post Isn’t What You Think It Is)

  1. I’m with you on everything except The Apprentice (don’t watch it), the football (don’t enjoy football, ever!), and the Truman Capote books…have never read him!

    I love #19 too, but haven’t actually accomplished it for at least 20 years!


  2. Janelle

    I just love “The Amazing Race.” Although there is an occasional bad word…my kids still think stupid and shut up are bad words…it is a show that enables my kids to vicariously experience the world and GENERALLY, it shows how team work and being kind to others pays off! I keep trying to talk some of my friends into getting their kids to watch it instead of Wipe Out, Survivor, etc. and although I KNOW these shows are entertaining, I think The Amazing Race is a bit of a better choice for the kids.

  3. I love your list! (And #20 is the best.)

    I will add – last day of the semester critical for college applicationsLOVE IT!

    Sleep? Would love some of that, too! (I’m guessing you know what I mean.)

  4. infernalmemo

    Love eggnog. Love shopping, no matter where. (Well, I don’t like WalMart much.) Love tall boots. Love all sorts of wine and spirits. Love having friends for supper. Hate pixie hair cuts. Hate whiny sick people. Hate road rage (when it’s applied to me, and when I feel it myself).

    Love this post.

  5. Love your list, hate eggnog and most tv, except for Glee and Big Bang Theory. #17 is just weird.

  6. Your list is great. I especially like #20! Number 4…um, try 692 days. That’s how long Army Wife and Peanut have been living with us. Army Guy came in about half way through when he got back from deployment. They are moving back to AL next week! (love it/hate it)

  7. Love a real tree, hate the needles, hate hanging lights = we have artificial pre-lit tree. Love shopping online, pixie haircuts, having my shopping done and the blog thing. Used to love eggnog, not so much anymore.

  8. Love: Oyster stew, the carols of Alfred Burt, no more trips to the mall, giving Nanny her present, Friday Night Lights, steam vaporizers, Bobbi Brown facial moisturizer, RAOKs (finally got an anonymous one in!), my brown hat with the big purple flower on it.

    Hate: Crooked parkers, Xmas lights that worked last year but mysteriously died in the basement over the summer, out-of-season tomatoes, flat Coke, nasty wilted parsley forgotten in the back of my fridge (but that never happens…)

    Love: Jane’s blog!

  9. Love your list, Love whenever for whatever reason school is canceled, Love winter break, Love eggnog, real Christmas trees, little bottles of coke, blogging.
    Hate sticky counters, dirty snow washed cars, pre-packaged salmon that smells so very bad when you open it, people who tell me to calm down.

  10. unabridgedgirl

    I love these questions that you answered, since I get to know more about you in such a short time! Makes me giggle.

  11. I think I’d love to experience #19. Maybe next year. No. 20 is certainly true. You introduced me to a lot of really nice people.

    Speaking of shopping online (which I do, too) this article astonished me.


  12. Oh, Jane, you don’t like 16 and Pregnant?? Well, I guess we can’t be friends anymore. Oh, wait, I don’t like it either. Ha! =>

  13. What do you mean you’re done shopping?! I barely started! I wish I could go back to the days when I was done by December 1st. Those were the days. Sigh.

  14. Have to say one thing I love is your blog. Though I don’t get over here often enough to enjoy it!

  15. Finally! Someone else who shares my dislike of eggnog.

  16. Amazing Race rocks! I am with you on the asymmetrical haircuts. Great list Jane!

  17. Just in case you were wondering “Love It or Hate It’ was in fact a hit for The Game, it just featured 50 Cent.

    No you weren’t wondering were you?

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