Trading Sociological Spaces. The Kid Version.

Fade in. Interior of Jane’s car, complete with discarded straw wrappers, miscellaneous school papers, sand and errant leaves. Two disgruntled boys sit in the back seat with arms folded.

#1son: Why do we have to go to church?

Jane: Because it’s good for you. It’s a place where you can learn how to do good things.

#1son: We already know. Ms. Park (#1son’s teacher) always teaches us about that. How to “do unto others” and help people and give to the poor. Stuff like that.

Jane: Well, that’s great. I love it that she’s teaching you those things, too. But church is another place where we can learn those things.

#2son: But we don’t want to go. Plus, we’re already good.

Jane: I beg to differ. What about the two arguments over xbox I had to break up this morning?


More silence.

#2son: If we already know what we’re supposed to do to be good, why do we still have to go to church?

Jane: Because we want to show God that we’re making an effort to do good things. And when you listen to the sermon, you might learn something new, something you hadn’t thought of before to continue to do good things. You might be reminded of ways that you could do better.

Silence. Arms still folded in defiance. (The boys in the back seat, not driver Jane.)

#1son: Mom? What’s a gangster?

Jane: A person who does bad things to people.

#1son: Like kill them?

Jane: Yes. Like kill them.

#2son: Do gangsters go to church?

Jane: Probably not.

#2son: Well, maybe they should be going to church this morning instead of us.

Ahh, from the mouths of babes.



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10 responses to “Trading Sociological Spaces. The Kid Version.

  1. So much wisdom. (Maybe that’s why it’s cooler to spend time with kids than adults?)


  2. Steven Harris

    Great comeback. I can’t help wondering if 2son was thinking about Al Capone types or bad-assed rappers. That P-Diddy could definitely do with going to church 😀

  3. Great conversation. We go to church every week and on the days I want to skip, the kids tell me we have to go.

  4. Jane, you certainly have some smart kids on your hands. Keeping on your toes, I am sure…

  5. I can’t help but think of the end of The Godfather, where Michael is at his nephew’s baptism while all the hits he’s ordered are being carried out. So wise, your sons. =>

  6. Kids have an innate ability to exercise ingenuity when it’s in their best interests. I should know. I did it as a kid, and my kids tried it on me. Many, many times. But the wisdom of a parent usually wins out.

  7. I guess telling them about the mafia would just confuse them.

  8. He’s got a point – X-Box arguments are hard to compare to gangster arguments. Kids are so good at silencing their parents.

  9. “…..Because I am the mother,” or “because I said so,” Not the most evolved thing to say and I swore I never would but then I did not plan on having a kid who could outsmart me on any given day.

  10. The boys’ got a good point! At this point, it would have been very difficult for me to launch into a speech about how, yes, sadly there are people who go to church and yet are not so nice people… Parenting is SO HARD! sigh.

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