The New Joe Cool

First, there was Joe Cool.



Next, there was my dear friend, LL Cool Joe.

Time to make room for the next generation.

Hey Joe!

Looks like you have an idol!

Or at the very least, some new competition!

Look out!

Dude! You are stylin’!

Where do you get your threads?

Were you raiding Joe’s closet again?


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13 responses to “The New Joe Cool

  1. This kid is cool. This kid has cool nailed! The hat is at the perfect angle. The glasses reflect just the right amount of cool. Cooler than Cool.

  2. It takes someone special to elevate cool to a whole new level. He’s got the bling but can he sing? 🙂

  3. Yep, Joe Cool and LL Cool Joe have to make room for this yound dynamo!

  4. I am not cool enough to know the correct name for the blue thingy he’s holding. Did he get that for Xmas?

    Hope you and family had a fabulous Xmas!

    • He wanted a DJ system. This was the most appropriate thing we could find for a 7 year old. Since the box has already been thrown away — I can’t even tell you what it’s called. (Bad mommy!)

  5. Ha ha, I wasn’t expecting to see this when I came to your blog!! 😀

    Looks like I’ve found myself a roadie then! He looks so cool! Lovin’ the bling beads too, but can he rap? Or break dance?

    Great stuff, this really has made my day!

  6. This brought a smile to my face. I’ve got a few slightly taller hipsters walking around here… !!!

  7. Very cool. Hope it was a wonderful holidays for you Jane!

  8. Hey, Will Smith’s daughter’s got nothin’ on your little guy! Dig the shades especially.

  9. ps I linked this post to my blog. 😀

  10. HA! The best picture I’ve seen all week. ; )

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