Resolution, Smesolution. I Resolve Not To Give A Flip!

I’m tired.

It’s been another whirlwind holiday at Jane’s. Entertaining guests (12 days straight, 2 sets of guests. Hey. It was shorter than previous years so I’m not complainin’. Really.) Baking cupcakes and cookies (At our home, we give Santa a choice.) Wrapping gifts with smiles and grace (Ok. That’s a flat-out lie. Hubby and I had a doozy of a “discussion” on Christmas Eve when we discovered about 10 gifts that I forgot to wrap. And not meaning to rehash but apparently, gift wrapping is solely part of my job description. Grrrrr. )

So, I’m tired.

The late nights. The holiday eating (and cooking.) The celebration and hoopla. I’m looking forward to our usual routine.

But that’s not the only thing I’m tired of.

I’m tired of hearing about the latest celebrity fashion we should all follow. Kim Kardashian’s cornrows? Are you kidding me? Did we not learn from Bo Derek? It did not look good then and it doesn’t look good now. Trust me on this one.

I’m tired of digital scales to encourage weight loss, detox diet books, 10 ways to stick to your fitness plan, scales that creep up on me when I swear I’m only eating vegetables and drinking water.

I’m tired of a college football season that lasts well into January.

I’m tired of seeing Oprah Winfrey’s face everywhere. And now her own television network? Her own. As in, OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network.  (Does anyone else out there see the name of her network as a tad self-absorbed and self-congratulatory? Or am I just tired of Oprah anything?)

I’m tired of (and I never thought I’d say this) new recipes. Give me comfort food with the ingredients/measures/oven temps all stored in my pretty little head. No more souffles, tarts and sauces. Good ol’ meatloaf, steamed broccoli and carrots and mashed potatoes for this girl.

I’m tired of having to sneak up to the computer because my family doesn’t know I even have a blog, let alone follow all of you.

I’m tired of this dinosaur of a computer and all the waiting I have to do to load a simple blog page. I want a laptop that’s mine and only mine. Is that too much to ask? (Boy. I sound like a spoiled brat, don’t I?)

I’m tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan and her fresh start from rehab. (Yeah. Right.)

I’m tired of making resolutions and then not even remembering what they were a few weeks into January. Seriously. I do this all the time.

It’s winter. It’s time for a long winter’s nap. Or at least a break from all the pressure out there to be perfect, or to care about celebrities and their fashion statements, personal problems and fragile egos.

So, yes. As reluctant as I am to make yet another resolution that I’m going to break in a few weeks anyway…I’m going to make one.

I resolve not to give a flip!


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32 responses to “Resolution, Smesolution. I Resolve Not To Give A Flip!

  1. You’ve expressed what many of us think and feel but have been afraid …or too tired…to express. Now go have some meatloaf. 🙂

  2. Bravo, Jane…I don’t care either…

    I hope you get your own computer!


  3. Oh I agree about Oprah — a nice lady, I guess — but there is just too much. I’m with you on the meatloaf, and no asparagus thank you. I agree with everything you said here…including your need for a fancy dancy computer so you can blog to your heart’s delight.

    Here’s to 2011 — may it be comfortable.

  4. Steven Harris

    Good resolution. And aren’t the Kardashian’s the bad guys in Star Trek Deep Space Nine?

  5. jterrill

    Jane, thanks for starting my day off with a laugh! As for the whole food thing, I just want to eat a salad for a change with a side of tomato basil soup. I am thinking about a trip to the “LOCAL” or La Madeleine’s. Happy New Year!

  6. I am hoping to invent a chastity-belt-style muzzle for Oprah, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman this year. It’s totally a worthwhile enterprise.

    And as for cornrows–ewww. Even with a face as gorgeous as Kim Kardashian, cornrows are wrong.

    I will join you in not giving a flip this year. Although you know I won’t put it as nicely as you did. xoxo

  7. The best resolution I’ve heard yet.

    Hmmm, I was thinking about posting a new cookie recipe…does that count as comfort food? It does in my house. 🙂 Now about that diet…………..

  8. Oprah-who? I don’t watch. Sorry. The magazine was self-congratulatory enough.
    Kim Kardishi-who? I don’t know these people, so I guess her hairstyle means nothing to me.
    People never come to visit me (maybe I smell bad???) so it’s the same old same old over here.
    New years resolutions bah humbug. Actually, that’s all one word.
    Get Your Own Computer. That’s an order. Now!

    All is right in Jane’s world, I see. Happy new year!

  9. Jayne

    Yep, tiredness will do that to a person. Your sentiments will probably be echoed across the land. I agree about the long winter nap. In fact, I think hibernation from Jan-Feb incl. could be the way to go.

  10. So agree with the Kardashian thing. And the Lindsay Lohan thing. Overkill on all the stuff you mentioned.
    I do hope you get a new computer soon.

    Happy New Year Jane!

  11. suzicate

    Love your resolution! I don’t do resolutions because I can’t keep them, but that one is a tempting one! I’m tired, too…of all those same things. Getting your own laptop will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. It was the best gift my husband has ever given me. Happy New Year!

  12. Oprah network…very crazy! And cornrows?? Wow.

  13. DESPISE Oprah. Last night, I was watching Malcolm X, and thought of her. There’s a point in the movie when the police chief says, looking at the retreating back of Malcolm X, “that’s too much power for one man to have”. Oprah is SO there.

  14. Computer spats were common in our household until finally, finally, we got a laptop. My excuse was we were going on a trip and it would be good to have one to keep in touch with friends and family. My reason was so that Hub would have a computer and would keep his cotton-pickin’ fingers off mine! It was important mine be available whenever I wanted it to be.
    Wouldn’t cornrows make your head itch?

  15. I envy you. Maybe next year, I can join you on not giving a flip.

  16. Hi Jane, Your post was most entertaining and I’m starting to see that sometimes not giving a “flip” is probably a very healthy way to go. 🙂

  17. Thank goodness I am not the only New Year’s Day Scrooge here. 🙂 M’lady, here is a photo that explains OUR sentiment clearly. xxoo

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  18. Hooray, Jane! My personal favourite is to say, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” 🙂

  19. I gave up on resolutions, but this one is golden. Good for you! Hope you stick to it~

    Happy New Year!

  20. I’m tired of…cold weather, celebrities (in general), and body image issues generated from stupid magazines.

    I’m NOT tired of blogs, chocolate, apple pie, and laughing babies. (Did that make you smile??)

  21. I’m with you. Tired.
    Not tired of reading or writing. Not tired of breathing. But pretty much tired to the point of that wall where little matters any more. OK. Kids matter. Even though they’re a large part of why I’m tired. 🙂

    It’s in their job description, right?

    Happy 2011. Pass the Tums, pass the Excedrin, pass the free trip to a spa. (Wanna come?)

  22. I’m with you on everything except college football. Even though my team did miserably this year, I’m always sad to see it go … the exact opposite of my feelings about cornrows, if you will. 🙂

  23. unabridgedgirl

    I love you, Jane! You make me smile! XD

    For the record? I am SO SICK of hearing/seeing Oprah. Bleh.

    And the cornrolls? Oh no. No, no, no.


  24. Every year I get tired, then depressed, then angry and resolve not to care. And it lasts a few days, until I notice how bright and shiny the world seems when the calendar and checkbook are new.
    So I resolve to care only about what I care about. Which is definitely not cornrows or Lohan, but is definitely awesome people like you.
    Happy January. And if you need it, there’s always Chinese New Year.

  25. Perfect! I have blog post coming out today (yes, I schedule them for when people are awake) complete with a nice little ‘get out of jail free’ card to enable you to ignore all of the ‘stuff’ that you are tired of.

    Enjoy! And…you’re welcome 🙂

  26. ck

    Yay! Comfort food and long winter’s naps and the hell with everything else!

    (I love you, most anonymous Jane.)

  27. I don’t believe for one minute you will be able to keep this years resolution “not give a flip.” Passion is one of the hardest things to give up.

  28. When you put it like that 🙂

    I went through all that before Christmas. Was I ever tired. I walked away from a lot of stuff, just gave up and recharged. Now I feel back on track and ready to roll again, but I need to be hold up and remember from whence I came before I steamroll into the New Year.

    P.S. I’m kind of tired of Oprah too.

    P.P.S I got a new MacBook Air for Christmas because I was having the same problem as you. It was infuriating how long it would take to load a blog, comment and write. I highly recommend one if you can get it. The speed is out of this world!! Hence my return to reading and commenting 🙂

  29. Will you kill me for saying that erm Kim Kardashian looks kinda hot like that??

    Ok I’m going!

  30. Amen! I totally feel ya Jane. You need a massage, a glass of wine, and one of those new adorable netbooks so that you can blog to your heart’s content (not necessarily in that order). Good for you for putting it out there!

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