Wednesday’s Storm Has Far To Go

Sunday’s storm was full of fear.

Monday’s storm brought the snow of the year.

Tuesday’s storm pitted friend against foe.

Wednesday’s storm has far to go.

(Still snowed in. Please send milk, laundry detergent, pizza and Hershey’s syrup. We’re sick of Swiss Miss.)


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19 responses to “Wednesday’s Storm Has Far To Go

  1. We just got our first substantial snow last night…And by “substantial,” I mean 3 or 4 inches.

    Sick of Swiss Miss? How is that possible? Try dunking Oreos in it.

  2. Steven Harris

    I don’t know what Swiss Miss is (culturally challenged Englishman here) ut I do know I got mighty sick of the snow we had for weeks on end over here. Hope things get back to normal asap for you guys.

  3. Here’s hoping for sunshine and warmer temperatures to get this stuff gone. Enough, already.

  4. I miss snow. Which I’d probably not what most of the country wants to hear. Still. The white stuff is gorgeous.

  5. Thank God, it finally snowed yesterday–it was embarrassing living in Chicago without a flake on the ground. However, the good news is for the next storm you weather–you will know what the truly important items are to add to your grocery store list!

    Remember gloves, scarf, and hat in coat sleeve-I don’t feel I can say that often enough as I wander through winter adding to my glove and mitten without mates collection.


  6. I am sending you some desert sun. Although the snow looks gorgeous, I am certain your going just a little stir crazy staying home bound.

  7. ck

    Even the mention of snow makes me nauseous. We woke up with one inch today and the schools had a delayed opening. I mean, C’MON, PEOPLE! I think it calls for pizza or take-out tonight. Maybe we should have dinner together?

  8. Carol

    I read this morning that every state in the union except Florida has some snow on the ground. That includes Hawaii! I’m ready for spring.

  9. I was just thinking this morning as I was creeping into work on icy roads that I am SO DONE with living in snow country…but then there’s you guys who aren’t supposed to have to deal with this much snow…so I should probably just shut up and sit down.

  10. charmstep

    I’m so sick of the snow. Tired of all the news and pictures about the snow. I moved to Georgia (from Iowa & Missouri) to get away from all this junk. It’s not supposed to snow this far south. I was over this snowstorm Before it started.

  11. So who needs mail delivery anyway? Who needs stores open? Who needs to drive? Who needs their kids in school? Who needs childcare? Who needs anything besides Swiss Miss?

    Um. Yeah.
    All the more reason for remote work and virtual communities. Except for the needing to eat and go places thing…

  12. unabridgedgirl

    Awww! That’s so cute. You need to, like, scrapbook it with the poem. Hee!

  13. See that big white area in the southwest corner of the country. I live there. Because you are living my nightmare.

  14. So much snow! If I send Hot Cocoa to you, you think the UPS truck can get into your neighborhood considering how much snow there is?! šŸ˜‰

    I cannot believe that your street has been plowed and you live in a city where there are very few snow plowers right? Our street has not been plowed yet. Srly. Our city/village sucks.

  15. What a great post, Jane Frost.

    Next snow storm, we will wonder, as usual, if we’ll make it out alive. (The news doesn’t want us to think so.)

  16. Oh yeah been there, done that! The snow has finally gone but now we are struggling with non stop rain and flooding!

  17. Living in Florida, I am always enchanted with other people’s snow. This is awesome. What great fun for the kids too.


  18. Wait a minute, I back for a second comment. You live in Georgia!!! It’s not supposed to snow hard! This winter has been wicked. I live in North Florida and it has been freezing cold, wet and nasty. For this, Mother Nature should at least provide a rare treat in Florida, and let it SNOW! Florida needs a snow day too.

    of course, if it snows like it did at your house then we will have to talk about climate change (smile).

    Stay warm.

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