When You Bleep Out The Uckin And We Can Still Hear The F and The G? You’re Not Foolin’ Anyone.

I’ve had this idea for a website (that I will never put into action but let it to be known I thought of it first) where you can ask a specific question with specific parameters for your specific situation and an expert in that specific field will answer you specifically…I mean, personally. (Now, if there is already a site like this and I don’t know about it? Don’t tell me. I want to be ignorant in my bliss, thinking I thought of it first. Thank you.)

Why do I need a website like this? Because I wonder and ponder inane stuff all the time. Every waking moment. From the minute I open my eyes in the morning.

Like this, for example…..

Any music execs, disc jockeys, radio station owners in the house?

  • I understand how it happens when a song is hip, current and hugely popular. You know, when every time you switch the radio station and the same song is on every station. But what about when a song is no longer hip, current or hugely popular. As in over 10 years old. This has happened quite a few times with the two rock stations I flip back and forth between. This morning, a song I happen to enjoy (Chemicals Between Us – Bush) was on one station. As soon as the song finished, it segued into Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots. It’s a song I have on my ipod but I’m sick to death of it, so I changed the station, only to listen to the last minute of…you guessed it, Chemicals between Us. As much as I like the song, I just heard it. And I didn’t want to go back to done-to-death Vasoline. It was suffer in silence or listen to top 40. (Katy Perry won.) How does this happen? Do the djs have little airwave spys that listen to competing stations and copy their playlists, hoping to snag extra listeners? Coincidence? With any song that’s over 10 years old and happens somewhat frequently? I think not.

On to my second pondering…..

  • At risk of sounding like my grandmother here…..what is it about PG-13 crap on the airwaves? I have small children in the car. But we like to listen to music. And my 7-yr. old is a little headbanger. He loves rock. Aside from never being able to listen in the morning (with the sophomoric, potty mouthed, sexually charged spew coming from the morning djs), when you bleep out an expletive but you leave in the first sound “f” and the last sound “g”? You’re not hiding much. I enjoy the song Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold. (You can listen to it here.) It’s on my ipod. The “unclean” version. But no way is my kid ever going to hear it. And no way is he going to hear the “clean” version on the radio because even if you bleep out the “uckin” I can still hear the “f” and the “g”. And no way am I ready to have that conversation with my kid. So, I censor away. Yep, it’s a communist state in the Jane household.

Which leads me to wonder this….

  • When a show is G rated, shouldn’t the commercials be G rated too? I’m sick of watching sporting events or even shows on Nickelodeon and having to mute or change the channel when a PG-13 or R rated movie trailer comes onto the screen. Or a Victoria Secrets ad. My kids love baseball and football. Or Brady Bunch reruns. I shouldn’t have to censor the commercials for G rated television. That’s just wrong.

There you have it. My rant, I mean, my ponderings.

Jane’s Inane.

Any experts out there listening?

Inquiring minds want to know!


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21 responses to “When You Bleep Out The Uckin And We Can Still Hear The F and The G? You’re Not Foolin’ Anyone.

  1. Oh, I so agree with you, Jane, especially on the not fooling anyone lyrics, and PG-13 commericials. I hate that I have to have a safe “back-up channel” at the ready, so I can quickly flip to it during commercial breaks or questionable songs. My 6 year old (and I) are not ready to give in, yet.

    • BTW, the title of this post sounds like it could make a great song 😉

    • I do that, too! It used to be the Weather Channel as my “last channel” button. But I can’t even do that anymore with their silly, crazy, tornado-chaser-killer-tsunami specials. Now we flip to Soundscapes in the music section – hearing that music lowers my blood pressure so it’s a two-for-one!

  2. We’re a little past this at this stage, but I hear you – loud and clear!

  3. unabridgedgirl

    It’s pretty amazing what’s on TV these days. My nephew and niece were watching Nickalodian (or however it’s spelled) and a commercial for one of their teen shows, Degrassi, came on. There’s no way I’d let my kids watch that – wtheck? And I agree about the editing the swearwords on the radio. Yes, I -still- know what they said. LoL

  4. Carol

    Do you remember when Elvis shocked the world with his hip swinging? No, probably not, but I’ll bet you’ve heard about it. Oh to go back to the days where that would be shocking again!

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I have a foul mouth but only online and also when I am driving by myself or when I hit my finger with a hammer… But I have been so frustrated with the commercials during prime time. Hello?! Do not show previews of shows that are meant for late night audience at 7 pm! No I don’t want my kids to see victims from L&O SUV (even though I am obsessed with L&O myself). More than anything though, I am troubled by how most the horror slasher movies are rated PG13 and therefore the extensive previews are shown between 7 and 8 pm. Or the movie “Easy A” is rated PG13. NO I don’t need my 13 year old to see that movie. We really need a new rating for the teens: lumping 13 and 18 year-olds are just plain dumb. Before I stop this ranting, may I just tell you how much I hate that movie “Little Fockers” simply for how clever and smug those people think they are?! They got the license to repeat the name of that movie anytime anywhere. Srly?! Sorry for jumping up and down and shouting. I am just so excited that you brought this up. ROCK ON!

  6. (Sorry for grammatical errors and run-on sentences etc)

  7. I agree with you, Jane. And I also frequently wonder about your Question #1, too! So weird! I hope you DO get an expert in your comment section so we can finally get some answers!

  8. I concur that the content of the commercial need to match the programming. I’m so over the commercials for ED medication while watching sporting events.

  9. This is why I am grateful for artists like Cee Lo Green and the fact that he recorded a different track for “F*&k You” with the lyrics “Forget You” substituted. Song is still awesome, but no bleepy stuff that, honestly, isn’t fooling anyone.

    Your post is timely. I had Miss D. in the car this weekend and had to change the radio station, because Kings of Leon’s “Sex is on Fire” came on and I didn’t want her to ask, “Hey Mama, WHAT is on fire?”

    This is probably proof that I am old.

  10. Yes I agree, the way songs are edited it’s still very obvious what they are singing.

    I don’t mind an occasional swear word if its within the verse but when it’s in the chorus, and repeated non stop I do find that spoils the enjoyment of the song for me.

    As a dj, I ALWAYS play the clean versions. With a mixed crowd of people I do not want to offend anyone.

  11. I had this exact discussion with my son about Eminem. Seriously — what’s the f—–g point of ‘editing’ if that’s how they do it?

  12. These are some of the reasons I’m glad I don’t have kids. And that my dog doesn’t like rock music.

  13. I can’t stand morning radio DJs. How do these people get on the air? And stay there?? Even when I switch to NPR, there’ stuff I don’t want the kids hearing about, so we’ve become CD people in the car. We’re so old-school! =>

  14. I totally agree on the commercials for R rated movies. Some of the trailers for the thriller movies are scary! Shouldn’t there be G commercials?

  15. No experts here! Enjoyed your pondering thoughts. Great idea for a web site.


  16. Seriously, amen to all of the above!

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