Snail Mail. It Does A Heart Good.

An assignment from Jane. (As if you need another thing on your plate.)

But trust me on this one – this will be fun AND it will put a smile on someone’s face. And you get to pick which face.

I have an assignment for you. (Once a teacher, always a teacher.)

Sometime today, or in the next few days, I want you to sit down and send someone, anyone, a piece of snail mail. It can be a thank you note long overdue, a funny card, a newspaper clipping (does anyone read the hard copy of a newspaper anymore?), or just a quick note.

We have email in-boxes filled to the gills. It’s such a convenient and easy way to stay in touch. But think about how nice it is to open your mailbox — the real one, outside your front door — and see amongst the bills and junk mail, a handwritten envelope addressed to you. You scan the return address, you smile when you see who sent it. You race inside and toss the other junk aside. You feel the card in your hands and quickly open it. You giggle at the sentiment inside. You feel warm inside, knowing that someone took the time (all of 5 minutes but it feels like 30) to single you out and send you some sunshine.

Snail mail.

It does a heart good.

(No snails were harmed in the crafting of this post and the author has no financial ties to the United States Postal Service.)


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21 responses to “Snail Mail. It Does A Heart Good.

  1. I come from a long line of letter writers, and while I live an almost paperless life-I still send thank you notes and birthday cards by mail.
    While I was growing up my mom wrote letters every week, with an old fountain pen to her parents and brother and sister. They wrote back. Including her dad. I remember her admonishing me not to shake the table as she wrote her letters. Now she e-mails like a fiend but still sends love notes by mail. Its wonderful when they arrive.
    Your assignment is timely–its almost Valentine Day!

  2. subwow

    Oh Jane! The picture reminds me of the YouTube movie: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Have you seen it? It is pure delight. Also, it reminds me of “World’s Smallest Post Service”. Another lovely idea. Just like your post.

    Ahem. So now. If I promise not to turn out to be a serial killer or a SWF type of crazy, would you give me your addy? 🙂

  3. Steven Harris

    Wow, I must have been on this wavelength even before reading your post. My cousin has a birthday coming up and in recent years, since gadgets took over everyone’s lives, we’ve sent Facebook birthday hellos or texts. But today I realised I was going into town today and I wanted to give her a proper card for a change. Hope she enjoys the old fashioned through the letterbox piece of card 😀

  4. I wrote about this last year. I remember my mom getting snail mail from India from her parents. She would sit in the corner and smile and I would catch her reading the letter at different times of the day. There is a certain excitement in receiving a letter. Snail mail carries with it the touch, the smells of a certain place and loved ones. Great way to inspire us Jane!

  5. I have re-adopted the letter-writing myself lately, as a means of keeping more in touch with the people back home since I’m working abroad now. Strictly speaking, I only write letters to one person, but I have taken it to send each and every one of my friends a snail-mail birthday card. There hasn’t been too much response, unfortunately, but I still had fun doing it :).

  6. Carol

    Does sending a check for a medical bill count? Snail mail, after all. Well, fine, if you’re going to be a stickler. I have two cards sitting on my desk since Christmas from people who do not have computers. This year I (gasp) even emailed my Christmas cards – but I get points for having created them myself, right? So I’ll take your challenge and right now I will answer at least one of those people.

  7. When I was a teenager my cousin and I would write long, long letters requiring multiple stamps to each other. I wonder what the heck we had to tell each other now. I couldn’t do that many pages if I kept a minute-to-minute journal now.

    In your honor, I will include letters with the Valentines I send.

  8. I just mailed a thank you card yesterday! You’re right: Everyone loves snail mail.

  9. I will, I will! Can this be like a chain letter, where if I agree to do it, I’ll reap the benefits, too??

  10. My daughter loves snails lol

  11. As a matter of fact, I’m finally getting my Christmas boxes out. What? Christmas passed a month ago? Crap.

  12. Great idea! I LOVE snail mail! I used to write to my Mom every Saturday. After she died I found all my letters in a pile, held together by a rubber band. Made me cry.

    Last Valentines Day I wrote about getting everyone to send valentines to our elderly was a great’s the original blog post:

    Maybe we could each do a campaign like that this year for someone we love who’s a bit lonely with the winter wearing on them.

  13. I do love a good letter. Dangit. I have nobody to write to. (loser!)

  14. Oh crap. That reminds me I haven’t written any thank you notes for Christmas yet. Thanks. 😦

  15. OK. I wrote a 2 page letter to a friend that’s been ill…it will be mailed with a snail mail stamp tomorrow morning. Made me feel good…will make her feel good too. all for 47 cents.

  16. charmstep

    I received a snail mail today from my best friend Laura. She sent me a card and a picture of all the ugly snow in front of her house in Connecticut. She’s really good about writing “real” letters. I love the look of her handwriting. So, I’m inspired to snail-mail her back, which gives me a good excuse to get out of the house and go card shopping. And I can take some pictures for my other blogs.

    I agree with you, Jane. It does make you feel special that someone took the time to write to you after thinking about you. It’s almost like opening a Christmas present.

  17. Nothing quite like a real letter, on real paper, with a real stamp. You can hold it, cherish it, save it – a genuine delight.

  18. I always prefer a paper letter in my metal mailbox.

  19. Love the disclaimer at the end.

    I’ve been doing this once a week (sad) since I decided not to send holiday cards this year. One letter a week to someone.

    And damned if my hand isn’t out of shape. Sheesh. Hurts after a page.

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