Happy (?!?) Monday


This is how my Monday has been shaping up.

How about yours?


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13 responses to “Happy (?!?) Monday

  1. charmstep

    You don’t want to know.

  2. Cleaned floors and toilets. What does that tell you? 😉

  3. Actually my weekend was like that, but then I work at the weekends! Monday is like a day off for me, but yeah I could relate to that image Saturday.

  4. Mel

    Ha Ha! That looks about right. Dishes, laundry, dirty floor, dead plants, winter clutter, sticky counters, gunky stove. You name it, I need to be doing it. But wait, the mom taxi has to keep running too…..
    Good luck with your burdens.

  5. All I can think of to say is–its not heavy–its your blog.

  6. That is actually pretty amazing.
    Mine was the same old thing and after dinner I will get to sit and grade papers for a few hours.

  7. They took our assistants away at work. So today I got to do two people’s job. And I’m not good at their stuff. Sort of felt like the guy on the bike…thanks for the visual!

  8. jeanne

    Yes at first glance the load appears to be too much to bear, but at second glance everything seems managible, the cyclist is upright and moving forward. I hope you managed to balance your load today.

  9. I’ve had a whole month like your Monday. I promise.

  10. For your sake, I hope that’s money overburdening you.
    I burst into tears three times today, each time collecting myself, sighing, “I can get through today if it’s just this, but I swear, if the Egyptian people protest me I’m gonna fall apart.”

  11. Jayne

    LOL, fortunately we’re in a welcome lull but trust me, I do know exactly what you mean. Hang in there… only 4 more days ’til the weekend!

  12. My Monday was brutal. Brutal. I feel as though I only have partial brain function, after 5 days and nights of paperwork and number crunching that took me through a dark journey I didn’t care to relive. Let’s just say there are times in life when we have to rehash and even pick through things we would rather not. We do so (often) on behalf of our children.

    I’m hoping brain function will return. I’m hoping caffeine will assist. I’m hoping that what remains of this task over the next two weeks will be considerably less, with the worst of it completed yesterday. After all, how many crappy Mondays can you deal with? 7 days/week of them seems, um… not so great. Just sayin.

  13. That’s picture is of me carrying what was left over from Monday into Tuesday!

    Now it’s time to shower for work, only to go outside and sweat because I have to clear off the storm from my car. Ugh. Put another box on top, will you please?

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