Hey, Feel My Forehead. My Kid Is Sick.

Yep. This is me.

And I’m not even the one who is sick. I have one sick little boy from last week. Not this weekend. Not today. From last week! His stinkin’ fever won’t stay away and I’m spent.

I know, I know. It’s all about me, right? Well, it is. I suck at being a nurse. Truly. You don’t want to get sick with me around.

I’m squeamish. (I’ll take my temperature as soon as I take yours.)

I’m paranoid. (I Clorox and Lysol everything in sight. Three times a day. Really. My house is never cleaner than when someone is ill.)

And I’m impatient. (For you to get well, that is.)

But I have been keeping up with you all. Reading you on my phone – in the carpool line (Because kids don’t get sick at the same time in this house – oh, no. They spread it out over weeks and weeks.) – while cuddling (at a distance – and trust me, this is possible) on the couch watching SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb – while cooking dinner or hiding in my closet. (Yes. I hide from my kids sometimes. Sue me.)

I’m a bit technologically challenged. So I can’t comment. Just know I’m reading you. And missing being here. And popping herbs like there’s no tomorrow so I don’t catch this crud.

Pray for me. I mean, my son.



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17 responses to “Hey, Feel My Forehead. My Kid Is Sick.

  1. I’m over SpongeBob, but Phineas and Ferb rock! I hope your son feels better soon and no one else catches it!

  2. Hope he feels better soon Jane! I don’t get the nurse stuff either. My sister has that gene.

  3. charmstep

    I hope you feel better soon. I mean your son.

  4. Mel

    Hope he’s better soon. I’m a mess when anyone else is sick. I antibacterial wipe and scrub and make soup like a crazy person. A crazier person. Hope you steer clear!

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry you…I mean your son…isn’t feeling well. I really hope you…I mean he…feels better soon. Your wit is priceless. Now go wash your hands.

  6. Hopefully you can avoid the crud. Don’t know how, but hopefully you can. Meanwhile…snuggle up and read your son a book. (the librarian in me…sorry!)

  7. Hoping your son is better soon… and that you can get a little rest after!

  8. Avoiding the crud is a daily thing when you work at a school … there is always someone sick, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, blowing their nose … and not washing their hands. I have learned to be very cautious … resist all those urges to borrow a students pencil, never grab a mouse to show someone how to do something, use the hand disinfectant on my desk, move the kleenex box off my desk over to the corner, etc …. but, it never works. Eventually, one of those bugs bite me.
    Good luck avoiding the bug …

  9. Just throw out the white flag surrender. Hope everyone is fit as a fiddle soon. Very soon.

  10. I feel your pain, Jane…the kids go to Jim when they’re sick, because I just tell them to take a pill and get over it! Jim’s mom was a nurse…I think he’s a better “Mommy” than I am!

    Hope your little guy is better soon!


  11. I hope your son (and therefore you) get better very soon! I get the bad nurse thing – when I don’t feel good, I just want to be left alone. So when Hub is sick, I want to leave him alone. But that’s not what he wants. WTH?

  12. The closet? I hide in the water closet because it has a lock. But I bet they wouldn’t find me in the closet.
    I’m sending my prayers. Because the day after the kid is sick is the worse day of all.

  13. Yeah, I always have to resist bathing my kids in bleach when they’re sick too. And we’re having a bad round-and-round-the-snot-fest-goes cycle in our house right now. A healthy dose of Phineas and Ferb is always good, for palliative care if nothing else.

  14. unabridgedgirl

    Darn it, that is not fun, Jane! I hope your kiddo gets well soon (and no one else gets sick), and that you keep your sanity. 🙂

  15. Whatever someone has, I have too.

    Somehow I pictured you as the perfect nurse! Get well soon. Oh no, I hope your son gets well soon!

  16. hahahah that picture is amazing!!! It made me laugh, it is perfect!

  17. My daughter is a nurse. But, unfortunately, she’s too young for me to put her to work yet. Ugh. Hope the crud is long gone. We all have colds but not the kind that demands anything more than early to bed. Oh the humanity.

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