Did You Know…..?

Did you know that your child can be allergic to a whole family of antibiotics…the Keflex family of antibiotics, to be exact?

I learned this last spring when #1son had his very first round of antibiotics at age 6. First round in his life. (Boy, did we luck out.)

Did you know that when your child’s head blows up like a basketball and his skin looks like it’s going to split, crackle and pop that the Urgent Care down the street will be your new best friend?

Thank you sweet nurses and doctors for caring for me just as well as you cared for my child!

Did you know that even if you tell your pharmacist not once, not twice, but three times that your child is allergic to Keflex antibiotics they still won’t put it on his chart?

Yep. It’s true. (Check, double-check and triple-check like I did. It could save your child’s life.)

Did you know that an allergic reaction to some drugs doesn’t typically show up until day 8 of a 10 day drug regimen?

Weird, right? You’d think it would show up immediately. But no. Antibiotics need to build up and then present themselves. When it’s too late to do anything about it because you’ve been dosing your kid two times a day for 8 days now religiously.

Did you know that when your doctor prescribes amoxicillin and you ask the pharmacist if it’s related to Keflex one pharmacist will tell you no and the next one (the one you call 8 days later because your son’s head is blowing up to that familiar basketball shape) will say that yes, they are indeed cousins?

No two pharmacists, or doctors for that matter, will give you the same answer. Do your own research!

Did you know that someone who is allergic to both Keflex antibiotics and penicillin is now in big trouble if another infection were to arise?

That’s what one other doctor and one pharmacist concurred, anyway. Yipee!

Did you know that Keflex/penicillin/antibiotic has been consuming me for the past three days and why I’ve (yet again!) been so absent from Blog World?

(I need a nap. And a new hobby.)


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16 responses to “Did You Know…..?

  1. Nice — nothing like a little medical incompetence to make a terrifying situation even worse. Coincidentally I’m currently taking amoxicillin, which is making me feel worse in a different way than the bad I’ve been feeling for the past month. Hey, variety is the spice of life, right? Crippling nausea could be seen as a fun change from coughing until I break a rib.

  2. Jayne

    So sorry Jane. Hope the little chap is well on the mend by now.
    This is proof, sadly, that we all need to become semi-experts in just about everything.

  3. Yowza. Scary times in the House of Jane. I hope he’s feeling better (and you, too!). Wishing you all some rest and non-basketball-sized heads this weekend!

  4. idiosyncraticeye

    Sadly so often you have to be your own specialist if you or a family member suffer from a specific health problem, but it’s worth the fight when you eventually get the right help. Get him to carry one of those SOS bracelets or whatever especially if it’s penicillin related for the scary times when you’re not around to state his case. And hey, you know what they say, knowledge is power! Hope you and he are feeling better soon. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh! Sounds like a lot of incompetence out there–your poor family! I hope he’s on the mend. xo

  6. I have always believed that it’s the family of the one ill that often save the day…not the professionals. Good work Jane! I hope he’s a LOT better now!

  7. I learned this the hard way too- about myself. No fun.

  8. I’m sorry, Jane…hope your little guy is feeling better…


  9. I know first hand how pharmacists give conflicting advice! It’s maddening. Even when I’ve repeated what another pharmacist – within the SAME chemist – has said, they’ve STILL disputed it! Aggggghhhhhhhhhh!

  10. Thanks for being a stellar example of someone who is patient-active. That’s what we have to be in order to secure better health outcomes.

  11. So sorry Jane. I hope he is on the mend. I’ve learned you have to do your own research and advocate on behalf of your loved one when it comes to medical care.

  12. What a scary incident! Honestly, if you can’t trust drug info from a doctor or pharmacist, who can you trust? Good catch on your part. I hope you called those two back to educate them about their job. :-/

  13. How scary! I’m glad he’s ok.

  14. jen

    How scary for you; glad to hear he’s okay! As a medical person, I do have to speak up. Your pharmacist was not incorrectin saying that Keflex is in a different family of antibiotics than penicillin. Keflex is in the cephalosporin group of antibiotics) which is different than the penicillin group of antibiotics. A good analogy indeed would be that they are cousins, because they do share some similarities in their structures. It is because of those similarities that a small percentage of people allergic to penicillins may react to cephalosporins as well. In school we were taught that about 2% of people will have this cross-reaction. Rest assured that there are other classes of antibiotics that work well too, and many people are allergic to a couple of classes and are still able to be treated just fine.

    • Thank you so much for replying! And for calming my worries about the abilities of other antibiotics to help him someday should the need arise.

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