An Exciting Friday Night: Jane Figures Out How To Create A Poll

Thanks to my dear friend, Shoutabyss, I’ve learned how to add a poll to my posts.

I am stoked!

This has been the highlight of my Friday night (sad, I know, but it’s the little things that thrill me). Now I can ask all the stuff I’ve been wondering – the deep, the trivial, the silly.

Look out, people. And get your nimble fingers in shape. I have a feeling polls are going to be a regular feature here.

My first curiosity?

See below.



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18 responses to “An Exciting Friday Night: Jane Figures Out How To Create A Poll

  1. Whoa! Surprising results so far. I would have checked “very private” but a three or four real life folks do indeed know about my blog. That number seems to be growing by about one person per year. Yikes!

    Grats on your first poll!

  2. I see I’m in the vast majority. What category are you in? πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m in the majority, it looks like. And the people I know in real life that I have told (save my husband and mother who are practically required by law to read) don’t read regularly, if at all. I never imagined that nearly all the friends who read my blog would be virtual ones. Never.

  4. idiosyncraticeye

    Small things are always the best! There’s sooo many things I have yet to learn with my blog and I’m sure they’ll give me as much pleasure and sense of achievement when I do finally suss them! πŸ™‚

  5. idiosyncraticeye

    Oh and I’m between the first two, only my husband knows I blog! πŸ˜‰

  6. Very cool and good job.

    I’m in the minority – very private. I noticed something after I voted and pressed ‘Comment’. You can vote again. Some glitch maybe?

  7. Carol

    While “everybody” knows I blog, “everybody” is a very relative term. Those who know me quite well know I blog, and perhaps a few others. I don’t keep it a secret, although occasionally I think maybe I should have.

  8. Jayne

    LOL…love it! Well *I’m* stoked because I’ve researched and installed two new computer programs *on* *my* *own* this week (gasp!) and yesterday I learned how to install new fonts and make my own paintbrushes in Photoshop. …Small pleasures…small pleasures! πŸ˜€

    I voted! Yay for the poll thing! Yay for Jane (and shoutabyss)!

  9. I voted. In fact I tried to vote twice (I’m from Chicago.) Good job with the poll!
    Everyone knows about Odd…I sometimes wish my mom did not subscribe because it can be limiting on the other hand I figure I should never put anything on line I don’t want the world to see–My privacy setting on facebook are also pretty generous..I just assume once its out there- its out there.

    Next up Comment Luv!

  10. At one time or another, I could have checked all three. The first few months, no one knew. Now, what the heck, I slap it on Facebook.

    Congratulations on your growing expertise! You’ll be holding seminars for inept WordPress bloggers soon. Reserve a spot for me!

  11. Hey — I voted or polled or whatever. I get a prize, don’t I?

  12. Great poll! and I certainly admire at your ability to present it to us. Everyone knows about my blog, but mainly my virtual friends choose to comment. Thank goodness for them!

  13. See I go on holiday and miss all the fun! I’ve voted too, but my answer isn’t really there.

    Many people know I blog, but as far as I know, no one in real life reads it. God, I hope not anyway!

  14. Oooooooo, a poll. I am so impressed.

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