Can You Have Your Cake Pop And Afford To Eat Lunch, Too?

Cake Pops.

They’re nothing new.

No, Starbucks did not invent them. There are cake pop cookbooks and recipes (yes, even vegan friendly recipes) all over the internet. Brides have provided them as whimsical, easy treats to serve at their receptions. Dieters have raved about these trendy two-bite sweet satisfying indulgences. There is even a Facebook page devoted to cake pop enthusiasts.

So, to see that Starbucks has jumped on the bandwagon has not surprised me in the least.

What surprises me?

The price.

$1.50 a pop. (Ba-dum-bum! Cue cymbals.)

Are you kidding me? That’s 75 cents a bite.

Per bite.

Now, before today, I’ve never broken down the number of sips in my beloved Caramel Macchiato. And I’m embarrassed to say that yes, I indulge on this Starbucks $4.51 treat more often than I should. Depending on the urgency to get my caffeine/sugar fix, it takes about 30 sips to finish my drink (yep, I actually counted.) That would be approximately 15 cents a sip.

A far cry from .75, wouldn’t you say?

I’m not saying that 15 cents a sip isn’t indulgent. It is. Especially when I can create a suitable substitute at home for about 8 cents a cup. (Yes, I figured that out, too. I used to teach math. What can I say?) 

But 75 cents a bite boggles my mind?

Who is buying into this hype? And is it worth it?

Can you have your cake pop and afford to eat lunch, too?

Inquiring minds want to know!



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22 responses to “Can You Have Your Cake Pop And Afford To Eat Lunch, Too?

  1. My question would be, would one be enough?!

    They’re very pretty. One of us should do a taste test…!

  2. You’re supposed to eat them in two bites? Oops. I guess I just have a big mouth.

    Actually I’ve never had one. Starbucks gave me a free one on Sunday, and then I had to buy one, so I’d have enough for Boo and Radley. So I ended up with none. But if I’d known they were two bites each, I’d have made Boo and Radley share. =)

    • Ok. FIne. I will volunteer to do the taste test at my own expense—justifying it as an investment in the future of cake pop eating bloggers everywhere. Yes…$1.50 will be expensive but you all are worth it. I have never had or heard of them before my test will be completely without bias.

      Always doing the least I can do. (they are pretty!)

  3. ShannonL

    They are definintely pretty. And no doubt yummy. When you break it down using a per-bite price, that *does* sound kinda crazy… BUT, a fancy cupcake at a bakery is easily $4.00, so to me $1.50 for a mini version sounds reasonable!

    • Ok. Now you’re making me sound like a cheapskate – which I am, most of the time, as long as you look the other way when I’m getting my caramel macchiato fix!

  4. Um…I have no idea. I think they’re cute. I don’t drink coffee, but every Tuesday while our daughters are at dance I go with my really good friend from high school and her friend who I’m developing a massive girl-crush on to Starbucks and have a rooibos tea latte, and it’s well worth the three-something. I don’t usually have anything to eat because I assume the calorie count of my latte is cringe-inducing (nobody tell me because I really don’t want to know). But if I felt like having a cake pop one night I would most likely buy three of them and not pay attention to the price. Except now I will hear you impugning my frugality while I do so. Thank you SO much.

  5. p.s. it was clear that I was kidding, right? I would assume it was clear, but I’ve been blog-surfing tonight and reading some of the comments makes it clear that sometimes what you think is clear is really not clear to other people. Hope that clears it up.

  6. Never seen or heard of ‘cake pops’ before but these ones seem a little overpriced! 🙂

  7. I’ve never even heard or seen a cake pop. What is it?

  8. I am obsessed with the Tiramisu cake pops and Starbucks and I think $1.50 is a steal considering what I’ve paid for similar baked goods. One is enough for me and lasts me about 4 bites. Perfection! I’ve never thought about the “cost per bite”. A treat is an indulgence and I consider it just that.

  9. Unabridged Girl

    Why buy them when I can make them? And that’s a ridiculous price!

  10. Haha! I’m with marylee… If I’m being honest and hungry (which is always) I’d probably wan’t more than a couple bites. I’d have a hard time justifying 6 bucks worth of cake pops 😦

  11. Ah, capitalism. What will they think of next?

  12. I don’t think I could stop at one. Combined with a chai latte and a few cake pops, I’m certain I would spend at least $8.00. Would certainly contribute to the latte factor!

  13. I need to make these at home. Just sayin’.

  14. Cake on a stick… hmmmm…I’ve never heard of them. Why is that? Oh. Maybe because I don’t drink coffee…never go to StarBucks, don’t have time to read magazines, so obviously I am out of the loop. Still…cake on a stick seems inherently good. Might have to expand my horizons and check them out. Probably not though…too many calories and too much money….still…

    Heck. Obviously I’m conflicted. About cake on a stick. So pathetic.

  15. Mmmmm. Cake.
    But I hate fondant, frosting, sprinkles, and green on my cake, so I’m safe.
    I do, however, spend $3 on an americano when I go out (Peet’s) because it feels, tastes, and smells like the most intentional and soul warming self-care I can find. Spending too much on warm drinks that taste good seems to me cheaper and less time consuming than a spa day. Every sip is like a deep breath of clear, child-free air.
    And I’d pay twice as much.

    But I make my own cake. Especially at that price.

  16. I really must be living under a rock…I had not even hard of cake pops before! They seem scrumptious. However, being the cake lover that I am…I think I’d prefer a big, fluffy piece of cake.

  17. Oh, every time I see that cake pop picture on the menu I think “I must get one NOW,” but then I remember the price and order my venti caramel skinny latte instead. Harrumph.

  18. I know $1.50 per cake pop sounds like a bit much, but you would have to consider the cost and labor that is put into them (it takes a few hours to make 50, not counting cake-baking time). However, I’m sure that Starbucks isn’t using Valrhona cocoa in their chocolate cake or Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract, so I wouldn’t waste my money on them there! I’d go with a reputable bakery.

  19. Maryssa

    I make them and sell them for .75 and people still think they are pricey what’s up with that! I thought I was being reasonable

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