An Earth Day Pictorial – Sort of

For all of you Star Wars fans….

For my favorite philosophers…

For my fans who enjoy a little potty humor….

For those of you, like me, who work daily on improving themselves…..

But to everyone, a very happy, healthy Earth Day! (What will you do today to make our Earth a better place?)



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9 responses to “An Earth Day Pictorial – Sort of

  1. Happy Earth Day to you too – and to all of us. I particularly like the offering that ends with “You can’t eat money.”

    As to “want less” – I might say – Want differently.

    Thank you for the reminder today.

  2. Miss D. announced just the other day that she thinks she’s from Uranus. (???)

    So naturally, that one gets my vote!

  3. Love the quotes. May the forest be with you–is my favorite.

    We don’t do as much as we could or should but we are grateful to the giant blue orb that supports us 24/7. We plan to make a donation to the eagle family-rapture project ( ) its been such fun watching them…and my hope is the more we care and connect the less we will tear down and destroy.

    Happy Earth Day,

  4. I asked the boys what they wanted to do for Earth Day. Evan suggested to paint his volcano blue and green because he loves the Earth. So that’s what we did. Man, we are some very fine environmentalists

  5. What a fun post for Earth Day. Since I live in the woods, I particularly like “May the Forest Be With You”.

  6. Happy Belated Earth Day Jane! The last one has my vote.

  7. Nice post! I won’t say which was my favorite.

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