Google It. A Blogger’s Best Friend.

I’ve tried other search engines, but quite honestly, Google is my best friend.

He’s always there for me. With information, with a laugh, with the unexpected.

And I absolutely love the suggestions it creates with each of my Google searches. Most of the time.

I TiVo most of my television. I love the convenience of watching when I want to watch, on my comfy couch, on my fancy (for us, anyway) television screen. I was watching the last episode of the season of Detroit 1-8-7 (I’m addicted to cop shows) and decided to “Google it!” to learn more about the program and when it might start up again. Imagine my surprise as I’m typing in the title of the show and one of the suggestions is “Detroit 1-8-7 cancelled.” No, not surprise. I was officially ticked.(Who are these people at Nielsen, anyway?) But thanks to Google, I can write the futile letters to the powers that be and begin mourning the inevitable.

I also love the clever visuals they provide, celebrating the holiday du jour. Like this one for the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae. Yum!

Or more recently, Earth Day….

When I’m lost for a blog topic (like today) I will often “Google it!” with “it” being anything. I’ll just start typing letters and see what Google suggests I write about. Sometimes the suggestions will jog a memory or remind me of something that really irks me or make me want to research something I’d never considered before. Like warcraft ( I still don’t get it) or study island (my kind of place – yes, I am and always will be a nerd) or chocolate rain (a viral video on YouTube that reminded me of another post I want to write. Hey! Two for one!)

I’ve even googled “Google it!” and found these clever sites:  Just (blanking) Google It and Here, Let Me Google That For You. (Oh, how I wish I had thought of these first.)

Google is my friend. My best friend when I have a bit of writer’s block. Or some extra time on my hands. Or when procrastination is more fun than productivity. But then, when isn’t procrastination fun?

That’s my secret. And I’m sharing it with you, dear readers. It’s the kind of blogger I am. Little Miss Share My Best Kept Secrets. 

Wait, you say I’ve shared this before? This is a secret re-run?


Oh, and you don’t think this is much of a secret? Every blogger knows this. Well, aren’t we all la-ti-da?


Guess my next google should be “original blog topics.”


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9 responses to “Google It. A Blogger’s Best Friend.

  1. Hmmm…Great idea indeed. I usually come up with a topic and THEN google it, so I can get ideas for within the topic. It never even occured to me to google FOR the topic.
    I always thought google was my best friend because that is where most of my blog hits come from.
    P.S. I know a Nielsen family, I always blame them when my shows get cancelled.

  2. Never occurred to me to Google a topic either…coming out of library school in 2008 the instructors and professors tried to discourage us from using Google (not scholarly enough I guess) but frankly I think librarians of the future (of which I am not one) are going to have to go with the flow and use it (and I know they secretly do). You just have to check who’s providing the information and make sure it’s a credible source. Yesterday at work someone asked me some tax question and I said “I don’t know, but I used to be a librarian…let’s look it up.” And of course I used google and we ended up at an IRS site anyway, so there!

  3. Google almost seems like a member of the family. We would be lost without it. “Google it” is our mantra around my house.

    Very clever usage.

  4. Google never fails, ever. I’d never thought to use the search for blog inspiration, though. You are Little Miss Share Your Uber Creative Ideas.

  5. As secret re-runs go, this is a goodie. (Did you know that high school art students were contributing designs to Google visuals as some sort of competition? I’d provide more details, but I’d have to Google them… or blankety-blank Google them…)

  6. I love Google too…the other search engines just don’t seem to measure up!


  7. Google is definitely my best friend. Almost every question or point to prove is “googled” 🙂


  8. I bow to the greatness of Google. I often find myself telling people, “Google it!”

  9. Whatever did we do without Google? Hmmm, that’s a possibility for a post – what Google has replaced. Hey! I thought of it first!

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