They Make Lifetime Movies About People Like Me!

My teenage daughter has hit yet another (inevitable) stumbling block in her young adult career. First (real, true love)Break-Up.

It sucks. And it sucks to be her mother watching her go through this heartache and not be able to make it all better.

Except laugh.  (Yes, I’m one of those moms.)

“They make Lifetime movies about people like me!” she wailed.

Thank goodness her head was buried in a pillow and she couldn’t see my face. I was biting back a smile.

You mean the one about the teenage girl raising her half siblings because her drug addicted mom was in jail?


Or the one about the good kid turned porn addict?

Nope. (Thank God.)

Or what about the one about the cougar-she-devil who seduces her stepson who kills his dad to have creepy stepmom all to himself?

Ewwwww and a firm no.

Then there’s the upcoming movie about the woman who thinks her husband has been unfaithful so she hires a private investigator to prove it and the P.I. falls in love with her so he fakes that the husband is having an affair to win her over.

(Honestly. I couldn’t make this stuff up.)

No, sweetheart. I hate to tell you this. Your life, as unique as it is, is so similar to the millions of other lives out there. We have heartache. We have pain. We have suffering.

Some of us push through it better than others. Some of us wallow.

But we are all walking Lifetime movies of our very own.

And hopefully, yours will never be produced for television.

(Hugs, hugs, kisses and hugs, sweet girl. I am hurting for you. Right now, everything is raw and horrible. Empty. And oh-so-difficult. But like the beautiful moments we should treasure and cherish; this, too, shall pass.)


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12 responses to “They Make Lifetime Movies About People Like Me!

  1. I’m pretty sure that saying–This Too Shall Pass–was meant for parenthood. Atleast, I know I never used it with such vigor before becoming a parent. Either on myself, or my children.

    Good luck on your little lady over there. Young heatbreak is the pits, no matter how you look at it.

  2. Awwwww. Give her a big squeeze for me. Heartache is never fun, but the first one cuts particularly deep. xo

  3. Even though I am now grateful that my first real relationship didn’t last, there is still a corner of my heart that hurts from the breakup I didn’t see coming. Time does heal, but nothing erases the memory of the pain. Hugs to her (and to you for having to watch her suffer through this).

  4. Well that sucks. Who was the dumbass that broke her heart? Tell her not to waste another minute on him–I have looked into my crystal ball and have determined he will grow up–lose all his hair, have a beer belly, runny nose and work a mid-level job as ear wax collector which requires him to wear a light blue leisure suit. The title Loser won’t do him justice.

  5. Oh the angst! It will pass. In the meantime hug her tight.

  6. Went through this with both my sons. (They don’t cry into pillows, but they look pitiful and move slowly in the slouching position.)

    And I thought Bravo was exciting fantasy fodder! I must check out Lifetime, apparently…

    My, but life around here seems (comparatively) dull, dull, dull.

  7. Oh yeah that sucks big time, but maybe she needs to wallow? For them it’s all very, very real, and no one else has ever hurt as much as they are hurting.

    It will pass, but I’m sure it will leave a scar too.

  8. My heart goes out to her – I remember what it was like the first time (even though it was over 20 yrs ago).
    Let her know that at least the second and third times aren’t anywhere near as bad.

    – And I have all this to look forward to in the next 10yrs. Oh. dear.

  9. Ah. young love. So very dramatic.

  10. My husband always asks how, as a high school teacher, I don’t laugh at some of the things the teenagers come to me with…and I tell him that I remember what it’s like to be a teenager and how much it hurts. I hope she’s ok.

  11. I still remember my first breakup. And it still hurts.
    I still remember the first guy I dumped. And I still regret it.

    Aw, it’s hard. But Im laughing pretty hard at the drama. Lifetime indeed. Only if you start cutting as a result, sweetie.

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