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Jane Prepares For The Rapture. And You Should, Too.

I flipped on the radio today and overheard the radio personality talking about the Rapture. Since I know little of this event, I was intrigued.

It was the Neal Boortz Radio Show. I wish I could take credit for his suggestion for tomorrow, because it’s brilliant. He wants us to go into our closets and pull out a full set of clothes. Right down to the underwear. And then, sometime early tomorrow morning, go to a public place and lay out your clothes — as if you were suddenly taken to another physical plane and no longer reside with the evil heathens who are left to suffer the aftermath.

If the Rapture happens, we’ll mess up next year’s census report. If it doesn’t, we’ll have a great laugh.

Well, with my twisted sense of humor, I’ll have a laugh either way.

I cracked up at the suggestion. Nay, assignment. Because I’m going to do this!

Who’s with me?


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