When Jane Wishes Upon A Star

(To celebrate her high school graduation, my daughter and I are on a little hiatus together. A mother/daughter hiatus. I will be posting some of my favorite posts in the interim. Enjoy!)

I wish I had all the time to read every blog I want to read, with plenty of time to make deep, thoughtful comments and the time to write amazing posts of my own.

I wish I hadn’t have spent $75 on a massage that was just so-so from someone fresh out of massage school. I thought I was saving money.  But it was so not worth it.

I wish I didn’t use the word “so” so much. (Whoops! I did it again, Brittany!)

I wish I could turn back time and snuggle my babies when they were babies again.

I wish the mess in the Gulf had never happened and I worry about all the wildlife choking on the filth.

I wish more than a fifth of all Americans, such as, COULD locate, like Iraq and South Africa such as everywhere like, the United States on a map. (I’m sorry to make fun of her again. But it is still funny.)

I wish whenever I was stuck for a blog post idea the writing prompts I look up actually inspired me.

I wish I had a pa-pa-pa-poker face.

I wish all the food that tastes so good had the negative calories of celery.

I wish Diet Coke didn’t taste like….Diet.

I wish every blogger out there (especially the ones who read my humble blog) lots of traffic and lots of fabulous post ideas.

I wish I could win the lottery. Of course, I suppose I should at least play the lottery first. (Which I’ve never done. Ever. Can you believe it?)

I wish I knew what my writing gift was. I wish I could decide what I do best and run with it.

I wish everyone out there a happy, happy Memorial Day. I wish everyone protecting our freedom and the freedom of others a safe arrival home. And if you’re missing someone who has died I wish you peace in your heart.


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7 responses to “When Jane Wishes Upon A Star

  1. Loved your post. Made me smile and nostalgic at the same time. I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter. My daughter is my best friend. We have wonderful times together – we laugh, we cry, we agree and we disagree, but we always enjoy our time together and I wish you the same.

  2. I wish every post of yours made me think and feel…. more. Oh, wait… they do. Never mind. 😉

  3. I echo your wishes. In so far as your writing — it is a gift, and I figure the best thing you can do with a gift is use it.

    I hope that you enjoy your ventures with your daughter.

    Warmest wishes,


  4. “I wish I had a pa-pa-pa-poker face.” This line made me laugh out loud. Brilliant writing. 🙂 Grats to you and the grad. Enjoy the hiatus!

  5. Enjoyed this! Glad you reposted it because I missed it the first time around.

  6. Loved this. And I’ve never played the Lottery either. Ever. But I do wish I’d win.

  7. Writing prompts hardly ever inspire me either, Jane.

    I play the lottery all the time, but rarely win…sigh…


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