My Budding Entrepreneurs



Yes, the economy is bad. And no, my kids aren't price gouging. The decimal for $.50 is barely visible. But it's there. Trust me.


Happy 4th y’all!


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15 responses to “My Budding Entrepreneurs

  1. That’s awesome. Did they sell anything? Did anyone else think it was “inflation”? LOL.

  2. Always Always buy Lemonade from budding entrepreneurs..hope they sold lots..if not I heard Groupon can help improve sales.

  3. Awesome Jane. I did a post a while back about a 4-H group that organized a lemonade stand with great results. Hope your kids had fun.

  4. So great Jane! This post brought me back about when I set up a lemonade stand with my friends. Our asking price was a quarter :)!

  5. That’s actually very smart. By the time they reveal the price is only four bits, their customers will be absolutely overjoyed at the bargain!

  6. Too cute! And in this heat, I hope they’re strategically located to serve demand.

    Location, location, location.

  7. Hope it all worked out to great profits for them!

  8. They are adorable! I hope they made lots of $$.

  9. Tell me, do they airmail? I’ll take a pitcher. =>

  10. At least they were sitting there. I was once in a place where I saw a table set up with a self-serve-and-leave-the-money lemonade stand. How lazy can you be as a kid???

  11. Ha ha that’s so cool! I hope they made loads of money. 😀

  12. My husband almost never passes a lemonade or Kool-aid stand without stopping. If there is some reason he can’t, he calls me and gives their coordinates. He can’t bear to think about them not having a sale.

  13. To this day, I simply cannot pass up a lemonade stand! Adorable entrepreneurs. The future of America! Hope you had a happy and safe Independence Day.

  14. They are my favorite businesses and I always stop and buy. Congrats to these marvelous kids.

  15. I love it! Wish I had a glass of lemonade right now . . . .

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