I Can’t Help It. I Just Have To Ask.

I told myself I wouldn’t give this subject any more airplay than it’s already received.

But I can’t help myself.

I’m confused about three things.

1. How could the jury find Casey Anthony guilty of lying to the police about the circumstances surrounding her missing child but NOT find her guilty of neglect? (On the count of neglect they found her not guilty. My jaw dropped. Wide open. I even caught a few flies.)

2. How could one juror say that they were just sick about not being able to find her guilty of murder but another (alternate) juror say he believes that Casey Anthony was a good mother?

3. How one look at that smug face of Casey Anthony at many times throughout the trial doesn’t convince anyone that she’s a nut case?

I couldn’t help it. I just had to ask.


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23 responses to “I Can’t Help It. I Just Have To Ask.

  1. Casey is a nut case. No doubt but unfortunately the prosecution did not prove she was guilty of murder. Based on the facts I heard I could not have convicted her of murder…whould I have wanted to? You bet. The jury is not to blame–they did their job, in my opinion. The video’s that show Casey with her daughter-show a mother that cares about her daughter and a daughter that loves her mom. Pictures speak a 1000 words. I think neglect is a pattern not a one time incident–no matter how horrifying.
    My jaw did not drop based on the evidence–reasonable doubt–the jury could not convict.
    As a mom. My heart breaks. For a precious baby, for a 21 year old girl who needed helped long before she had a baby, and her family who has no where to go.

  2. Isn’t she freaky looking?

    I wish I had answers for you. I think they just had too much circumstantial, rather than hard, scientific evidence. I also think the prosecution messed up by insisting that she *meant* to kill her daughter. That was just too hard for a jury to swallow…I think the woman is a beast and even I don’t think she killed her on purpose.

  3. Chuck

    Casey is as guilty as sin………..The picture showing Casey palying with her daughter, does not mean nothing..How about the video of Susan Smith playing with her kids and opening up gifts with them..She was a great mother as per husband, with no signs, just like Casey..Susan Smith was with anthor man and wanted the kids out of the way, just like Casey..Casey did it 100% and then got rid of the body and lied her way out of everything…The jurors screwed up bigtime, they had a CSI mentallaity, that you need a mountain of evidense to convict..If these jurors were on the Scott Peterson case, Scott Peterson would be walking free..In the Scott Peterson case their was no to very little evidence, no murder weapon, also no cause of death..But the jurors used common sense and almost 2 weeks going over everything to convicted Scott Peterson and connect the dots……..

  4. sophie

    They are backpedaling because they realized the backlash to their decision is so enormous. So they are attempting to distance themselves from their decision by minimalizing it.

  5. I’m leaving this one alone….

  6. I cried when I heard the verdict. I still cry when I think about it. Someone in that house knows the truth, and no one is telling it. I think there is a lot of dysfunction in that family. It’s very sad…and there still isn’t any justice for Caylee. I believe she is making many angels very happy with her presence now.

  7. wth

    It is really to bad that the State could not find a link between her and the other inmate that lost their child to a drowning. I truly believe Casey stole someone’s tragedy. I do not think her daddy molested her. I do believe her brother touched her. I think that is why he only wanted to help the defense. He is feeling guilty.

  8. Chuck

    People keep defending the jury..The jury scewed up…It happens..They had a CSI mentallyity they could not connect the dots…They were 12 that messed up..What are going to believe 12 people, that could not connect the dots, millions of people that feel she is guilty..Majority rules………There will be JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE,,Casey killed her and got away with murder..I guess nobody killed her or some stranger killed her…The killer is Casey…10000000% sure…………..

  9. I could understand (barely) how a jury might not feel comfortable finding her guilty of 1st degree murder. They hardly had enough evidence to prove her actions were premeditated. Any mother partying and dismissing the fact that her child is “missing” for over a month is guilty of something. Is Black Soul of The Devil a felony charge?

  10. Chuck

    Rememeber on thing in 31 Casey did not report her child Caylee, because her mother killed her, and wanted nobody to find Caylee..Her mother Cindy, was the one who got Casey and called 911, and made Casey call which she had 0 emotion or tears..Because she new Caylee was dead, and she killed her , and hi the body…….Casey would have never called 911………………….Casey will pay for murdering her helpless child……..

  11. Chuck

    I meant that, remember one thing in 31 days Casey did not report her child Caylee, because she killed her, and was lying and trying to get away with murder……….Cindy her mother called 911 and then made Crazy Casey call 911..Casey would have never called 911……………CASE CLOSED

  12. My mom and I were discussing this the other day and I think that it is important to remember two things about our justice system
    1) someone is innocent until proven guilty
    2) they have to be proven guilty BEYOND a reasonable doubt.
    Unfortunately this means that Casey goes free, despite the fact that she is crazy and obviously needs to be locked away. It is sad, but there is no statute of limitations on murder, so maybe one day we’ll find the evidence needed to put her away and give Caylee the justice she deserves.

  13. chazzie


    She can NEVER be re-tried due to double jeopardy laws…………that’s why everyone is SO OUTRAGED! They had one chance to convict her and it didn’t happen………we’ll see what her life is like once she gets out………doubt it will be what she thinks!!

  14. She’s not worth another thought.

  15. I saw an interview with two attorneys who had not followed the case. They both went through all the stuff the jury heard and did not listen to anything that the jury didn’t hear. They both concluded that the jury gave the correct verdict — the prosecution didn’t prove the case.

    Casey Anthony gives me the creeps…and I just hope that she somehow doesn’t profit from this. Emotionally I figure she is guilty. But i have to side with the justice system and calm my emotions down.

  16. I agree Jane. It is very difficult to understand and reconciile. But after reading some of the commentary on the case, I believe the prosecution should have tried her with lesser charge given that that neither side could prove how Caylee was killed.
    There appears to be a wave of dysfunction in that household. From the parents to the brother to the relationship that Casey had with all of them. The truth we will never know. And justice for Caylee? Seems to be forgotten.

  17. The whole thing is incomprehensible to me.

    And I wonder, again, about our legal system.

  18. Not guilty does not mean innocent. Our court system is rigged so that the burden of proof is on the prosecution, so sometimes a guilty party goes free, and since we’re America, we’re proud of that because that means fewer innocent people are convicted. Unfortunately, Anthony’s mom retracted a lot of her statements, which is how reasonable doubt formed in the mind of jurors. It sucks. But thank God there’s always karma.

  19. As Faemom said, not guilty does not mean innocent.Juror #3 said exactly that. We can only hope that either Casey gets the help she needs or never has another child. The sad truth is that children often suffer from the shortcomings of the parent(s).

  20. I don’t know either, Jane. So sad.

  21. Jayne

    From what I’ve read of this case the prosecution had gone for first degree murder (??) which carries the death penalty in Florida. On that basis the jury were going to have to be 100% sure of guilt and that it was a cold, pre-meditated act. It’s rare for a mother to kill her own child and when it happens there is often an underlying trigger – some degree of mental illness. Certainly some of the behaviour I read about after her baby went ‘missing’ smacks of something not being right in her head. So there you have it. The jury may well have been entirely sure that she did it but given the above couldn’t convict. Q.E.D. the law appears to be an ass again. Very sad.

  22. I have to say that this hasn’t had any coverage in the UK (well very little) but just looking at that photo of her I’d say she looks unbalanced, to say the least.

  23. Casey Anthony was indicted on charges of first degree murder and pled not guilty on October 14 2008. On July 5 2011 the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child but guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer. Orange County police said the charges were unrelated to the investigation. In January 2010 she pled guilty to check fraud having made full restitution.

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