I Think My Neighbors Are Stalking Me. And This Time, They Have Just Cause.

Or at least they’ve found me out.

You know my obsession with clean trash cans? (No? Read about it here. It’s ok. We’ll wait.)

And you’re well aware of my fascination with Google search terms. (Here and here. Again, take your time. We’re a patient bunch.)

Well, apparently, people are still finding my blog when they search for: random acts of kindness (A number of posts on this topic as it is near and dear to my heart), burka (Just one post on this topic, I promise), traffic signals, josef albers, joy suckers (Hey! That’s just mean!), wrinkled boobs (Even meaner!), hornyteens (Written just like that, all one word — and I’ll say it again. Ewwwwww!) and now……..

Wait for it……

wait for it…..

OCD About Trash Cans.

Wait! I can explain.

It’s just that we recently had another incident. And this time, it was my husband’s fault.

You see, I’ve turned #1son into an OCDer. Fingers crossed that he’s come by it honestly. He’s my son through adoption so I’m hoping it’s nature, not nurture. Because I know how debilitating OCD can be. And I shudder to think that I’m the cause. And I don’t want to see him on Dr. Phil in 20 years, shouting to the world that it’s all my fault. But I digress….

We, meaning my #1son and I, had just cleaned the trash cans last week. He was helping me pull them to the house and he said, ever so sweetly, “Mom? These cans are stinky. Maybe we should clean them out?”

Ahhhh. He warms the cockles of my heart.

So, we got to it. Spraying. Lysoling. Spraying some more. Air drying. It was heaven.

Sparkling clean trash and recycling cans tucked safely away in the garage.


This week, I went to the curb and grabbed the trash can handle.


Something bit me.

I look down and the handle, the ridge of the can and inside the can is covered with red ants. Upon further discovery, the bottom of the can is swimming with sweet, sticky liquid. Could it be……beer?

I don’t drink beer. My kids don’t drink beer. My husband. He drinks beer. And he broke rule # 173: Do not put loose trash in the trash can and rule #92: Put recyclables in the recycling bin. (Duh!)

So, two weeks in a row, I’m outside, cleaning the trash bin. And my neighbors saw me.

And the very next morning, in my WordPress Site Stats, I find that someone has found my blog by searching: OCD about trash cans.

Oh. I am so busted.


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11 responses to “I Think My Neighbors Are Stalking Me. And This Time, They Have Just Cause.

  1. Haha. There are worse things to be OCD about. I can’t think of any right now, but I’ll get back to you 🙂

  2. Careful! You don’t want to be an enabler. It seems to me that the offender should be the cleaner. Please let him know that people throughout the US and several foreign countries are tsk tsking him.

  3. Could you send some of those OCD cleaning particles to my teenage son, so I don’t have to disown him over a disgusting boy bathroom?

    No swarms of red ants (yet), but I dare not set foot over the threshold. Toxic Waste Zone. (A differently labeled “can” for that?)

  4. Lol. Thanks for the laugh Jane.
    We have some that OCD running around in our household too….

  5. Ooh, we have none of that delicious cleanliness at my house. Any way you can send some my way?

  6. Cleaning my outside, alley garbage can would just never occur to me. I mean I can picture how nice it would be and all but well it’s a garbage can.
    However, it occurs to me I’m always digging threw the trash looking for things I should not have thrown away…it would be a much more pleasant search if my garbage can was clean. . .I should check and see if my dear Polish, “I clean everything” neighbor and friend cleans her garbage can’s and switch them on Friday’s after the garbage man comes. 🙂
    Yep you are busted.

  7. mine still need work. Somehow reading about cleaning garbage cans does not instill in me the urge to clean mine out. so sad. Me. Not you.

  8. Count me in your OCD group. I do wash the cans and also clean the recycle bins and large trash can. They stay in the garage and I don’t think I could walk past them so often if I didn’t know they were relatively clean.

    And yes, I do carry Purrell in my car. There is too much handshaking and handholding at church. Not to mention the dirty grocery carts. In fact, don’t get me started…

  9. If you run out of things at your house to calm the OCD beast, you’re welcome to come over here. I’m certain I could keep you occupied for a very long long time!

  10. You could be OCD about a lot worse things!

  11. I use a hose. That’s it. Like every other year. I’m way OCD on the kitchen though. It’s a little frightening.

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