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Epic Fail? You Ain’t Kiddin’!

Yahoo News featured an article about a t-shirt line that J.C. Penney is/was selling by David & Goliath. The headline read (in part), “Epic T-Shirt Fail.”


Ya’ think?

Here. I’ll let you decide.

There are also t-shirts proclaiming: “I’m too pretty to do math” and “Future Trophy Wife.”

Seriously? A bunch of suits sat around a table and thought it was a good idea to sell these shirts in their store? More importantly, some t-shirt designer created these shirts and thought there would be a (dumb enough) consumer for these blatantly offensive wearable billboards?

This is 2011. Years and years away from the bra-burning days of the 1960’s.

(Shaking my head in disbelief)

How far have we come?

Not far enough.

(Update: I visited the David and Goliath website and see that they have a tagline declaring: “Our apparel is stupid.”

At least they are self-aware.

And upon even further investigation, I find a t-shirt by David & Goliath a friend bought her daughter that she thought was hilarious and I found horribly offensive: “Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.” First of all, if it read “Girls are stupid. Throw rocks at them” we’d all be crying wife/girlfriend abuse. Second of all? You have a son, dear friend of mine. What kind of message are you sending to HIM?)


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