Epic Fail? You Ain’t Kiddin’!

Yahoo News featured an article about a t-shirt line that J.C. Penney is/was selling by David & Goliath. The headline read (in part), “Epic T-Shirt Fail.”


Ya’ think?

Here. I’ll let you decide.

There are also t-shirts proclaiming: “I’m too pretty to do math” and “Future Trophy Wife.”

Seriously? A bunch of suits sat around a table and thought it was a good idea to sell these shirts in their store? More importantly, some t-shirt designer created these shirts and thought there would be a (dumb enough) consumer for these blatantly offensive wearable billboards?

This is 2011. Years and years away from the bra-burning days of the 1960’s.

(Shaking my head in disbelief)

How far have we come?

Not far enough.

(Update: I visited the David and Goliath website and see that they have a tagline declaring: “Our apparel is stupid.”

At least they are self-aware.

And upon even further investigation, I find a t-shirt by David & Goliath a friend bought her daughter that she thought was hilarious and I found horribly offensive: “Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.” First of all, if it read “Girls are stupid. Throw rocks at them” we’d all be crying wife/girlfriend abuse. Second of all? You have a son, dear friend of mine. What kind of message are you sending to HIM?)


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12 responses to “Epic Fail? You Ain’t Kiddin’!

  1. Those shirts are awful.

  2. Heard about this on the news on the way to work. I thought we were way past putting girls in the ‘no math, no homework, grow up to be cute’ box. Someone needs to get fired. More than one someone I’m thinking, cause someone thought this up and someone approved it. Better not have been any women in that line of authority! But sadly, I bet there were.

  3. How far have we come? Not very, apparently. Sad state of affairs.

  4. Could this be the backlash from all the “My kid is an honor student…”
    “I’m to pretty to do Math” pokes fun at oneself. It’s outrageous. It turns heads…I can see why a kid would buy it and wear it. I’m not offended by it because it is stupid.
    On the other hand” Boys are stupid…” is insulting to someone else and in my opinion that makes it a very poor choice of clothing.

    • I had to come back. My response was very knee jerk. Really—I think it’s very funny–It is void of any political correctness (which appeals to me ) and It’s super ridiculous. The very fact that everyone agrees that it’s stupid shows just how far we have come.

  5. The problem with this kind of message is that intelligent people can see it’s stupid. Unintelligent people can’t, and it’s those people I worry about.

  6. How about the Moms who buy these for their girls? Geez!

  7. I’m trying to figure out how the buyer for girl’s shirts at JCPenny isn’t fired yet. THREE shirts that pissed off the public. Really? Either the person is really stupid or just really thinks moms are.

  8. If meant seriously, these are highly offensive. My first reaction was that they were a major “sarcasm because I really mean just the opposite” thing. Funny because no way on this earth does any girl of any intelligence want to grow up to be a trophy wife, or brag about being stupid. But then, there are those who are not so intelligent, those that could take it seriously. Dunno. But I’m not buying any.

  9. I am really disgusted whether or not someone was trying to be funny.

  10. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups….or boardrooms. I remember when my girls were younger, the Hollister store always had stupidly suggestive tee shirts for young women. They bought a few (with their own money) but quickly discarded them in the goodwill box.

  11. I’m with Elastamom…who are the people buying these shirts for their kids?

    I don’t like shirts with ads, and I don’t like shirts that insult other people. But the “dumb blonde” jokes worn by blondes are worse than demeaning. They give other people permission to view women as objects, to question their intelligence because of biology, and to excuse it all with the “she’s laughing, too.” How horrid that this is all addressed to kids. I know I tend toward self righteousness, but these shirts are just disgusting. ( And your sister, I’m sorry, I have some very strong words for. I won’t leave them here because I don’t know her. But you have my full support if you want to give her an earful.)

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