Hurry! Listen To This Before It’s Too Late!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I haven’t published a “Tunes for Tuesday” in quite some time now. Ok. Maybe you’ve noticed and you’ve been too polite to ask about it. Afraid it might stir up something unpleasant or I might take it as a criticism of my lack of follow-through.

Oh, you’re so kind.

Or maybe, you haven’t said anything because whenever you’d see a “Tunes for Tuesday” post you’d quickly click the other way because you don’t need any music recommendations, thank you very much, and thank God Jane gave you a free pass to click somewhere else by posting something so dull.

This is the probable explanation.

But aren’t you dying to know the real reason I’ve been reluctant to post music recs (until now)?

Apparently, when I post a music video from YouTube – even a remote, homemade video created by Joe or Jane Commonmusiclover – it eventually gets pulled from my blog by the powers that be because I’m violating some privacy law. (Or some such thing.)


Lil’ ol’ me?

Crusader against plagiarism Jane?

So, I post the video on my blog? What’s the big deal?  It clearly says “YouTube” on it. (So, duh. That’s where I got it.) It clearly has the name of the artist and the name of the song.

And here’s the kicker. I don’t make a dime off posting it here. And I don’t make a dime from this blog. Never have. Never will. I’m not in this for the money. (Just the fame) I don’t have advertising. I don’t get paid to write. I don’t get kickbacks for pushing books, music or my favorite charities.

I do all this free advertising for you, dear YouTube and your artists, out of the goodness of my heart. I am the common man billboard, shouting out to all 12 of my readers to hurry and buy your product. And I don’t ask for a dime.

(But maybe I should……..? Hmmmmmm…….)

I’m taking a big chance here, posting a music recommendation. So hurry and listen before it’s too late!

My daughter gives me music recommendations. She’s the only reason that Lady Gaga and Flo Rida (among others) are on my ipod. I give her recommendations. I was listening to Cage The Elephant and All Rebel Rockers before her. She couldn’t believe I had Shake it by Metro Station on my ipod before her. But, hey. What can I say? I’m all cool like that.

I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.

Now, I’m a bit behind in finding Paper Tongues. Apparently, they produced their first album in 2009. And this song, Ride to California, is my new favorite song. It’s like Cage the Elephant and Flo Rida mashed up together. Rock hip hop is the best way I can describe it.

It’s catchy. It’s fun. Turn it up loud and start cleaning your kitchen. Put it on repeat and you’ll have a sparkling house in no time.

That’s how I get through daily housework, anyway.

Enjoy! (While it lasts)

(Disclaimer to the powers that be: I am common Jane. I am merely pushing your product, FOR FREE, in the hopes that other like-minded individuals will buy your product. If your sales increase because of my recommendation? Yay! Good for you! I won’t ask for a dime. But they won’t plummet, either. I promise. Even the annoying Google ads still run on the video. Please consider this before pulling your video from my blog. Thank you.)


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11 responses to “Hurry! Listen To This Before It’s Too Late!

  1. Love it! ((Unfortunately, those “powers that be” are likely “bots” so you’re quite possibly talking to the air. It sucks.))

    Yours truly, equally unpaid,
    Plain BLW

  2. Just the fame. I love it. Me, too, my friend. Me, too.

    And housecleaning? Is made tolerable only by punchy tunes such as this one.

  3. I like this song…I really do. In an effort to appear cool today, I am going to recommend this song to my teenager and see what happens.
    Thanks for the recommendation…I thought You Tube was about sharing. Got the link before they took it down (smile).


  4. Well, it made Katie (the sheltie) bark, so it has to be good!

  5. Very catchy and it seems as if the gremlins haven’t caught up with you just yet! 🙂

  6. It’s like big brother is always one step ahead…he seriously needs to chillax and understand that the little people really mean no harm… 😉

  7. I’ve never had a problem adding a You Tube clip to my blog I have to say. I bet I will now! 😀

  8. I love the video. The imagery is amazing. The song is cool. I know a bit about copywrite law when it applies to literary work, so I can’t imagine it is really that different with other artwork. I can’t believe they pull the videos. Which sucks. And I have noticed the lack of “Tunes for Tuesday.” I enjoy them. And I always say when I hear a good song, I should post this when Jane posts hers.

  9. I have had that happen at my blog. The other thing is they want you to go to YouTube to listen.

    Anyway, did anyone notice that the lead singer’s voice sounded similar to Freddie Mercury? It hit me in the middle of the song that if Freddie was still alive, this might be the type of music he might be making.

    Good Times.

  10. Ah. The real truth about embedding. It might work on publishing day, and even the day after. But someday, that YouTube video, image from Flickr, or some other thing you choose to embed will be gone. Poof! Basically embedding is the choice to put something outside of your control in your blog. It will be gone someday. There are posts of mine I can’t even remember what the video was supposed to be. I think that just makes it more hilarious. Yes, I’m that stupid. 🙂

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