What IS All This Brouhaha Over Facebook Changes?

Sipping tea, watching Headline News yesterday morning, I hear Robin Meade mention the changes on Facebook and how everyone’s panties are in a twist.

I think, “Oh no. Not again. Not something new for me to get used to.”

So, I rush up to my computer and log onto Facebook to check it out.

Changes? Huh?

What changes?

Oh, sure. There’s a little ticker on the right sidebar that shifts every so often. (No different from the little ticker at the bottom of the television screen on most news programs.) And now there’s a handy, dandy little blue triangle located in the upper left hand corner of homepage posts. (What it’s for, I have no idea. And I don’t care, either.)

But people tweeting and twittering decrying these changes? Or, shouting out to fellow Facebook friends with evil status updates belittling Facebook powers that be?


A little change never hurt anyone. (Except when they messed around with the formula for Coca-Cola, of course. But that’s for another post.)

Change keeps us young. Change challenges us to adapt. Change encourages problem solving.

Change is good!

All this crying about change reminded me of a pithy comment I saw on a church sign recently:

“If you are resistant to change just remember the beauty of autumn.”

Truer words were never spoken.


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14 responses to “What IS All This Brouhaha Over Facebook Changes?

  1. I am so with you on this one! Love the changes. The whining is tiresome and it is abundant in my ticker and on my wall…..Its fun. The autumn picture and quote is perfect!

    Have a great day.

  2. I never understood most of Facebook anyway. I find it mostly confusing and they definitely improved on that. So my review is a resounding “meh.”

    I used to drink Coke. This was back in the day before Coke Classic ever existed. Then they made changes. I liked New Coke. Then they did away with it and went to Classic Coke. It never seemed the same after that. I’ve been exclusively Pepsi ever since.

    The colors of fall have been getting more vivid in my neck of the woods. I’m looking forward to the end of the hot days.

  3. We are comfortable with the known. We are not comfortable with the unknown. Change means unknown. Besides which, we are good at complaining. It’s our right, right? Then we adapt, until the next change. It’s the way of humans.

  4. I’m so glad I don’t have Facebook. There are some changes I just refuse to give into!

  5. Change may be good, but when time is tight and you use FB as a tool (rather than a playground), it ain’t so hot…

    I’m annoyed at what they’ve done just in the past few days. And not looking forward to whatever comes next…

  6. thanks for putting things into perspective… I’m not likeing the changes either… Takes so too much time when I just want to pop in & out… but I guess you are right…we will get used to it… sigh—-

  7. I am annoyed with the fact that they seem to keep changing it just for the “sake” of changing it. *sigh* Companies never listen to the people. I wish FB would go back to the way it was in 2003, but I am not complaining about it or making a huge fuss. I agree, it’s annoying!

  8. I guess I don’t use it enough to recognize what changed on fb.

  9. Oh — I avoid FB like the plague — so they can change away to their hearts content.

    But I truly love that picture.

  10. I have been more aggravated by the changes on wordpress that happen with little or no fanfare on a weekly basis.

  11. If we all could learn to be more accepting of change (in whatever form), we’d all be far more happier and much more sane.

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