What Kind Of A Driver Is Your Average Blogger?

Are you curious?

 I know I am.




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10 responses to “What Kind Of A Driver Is Your Average Blogger?

  1. Damn if I hadn’t had a speeding ticket and more than one accident I would be a perfect driver. 😉

  2. But I have to say, I’ve never been ticketed by a male cop. 🙂 I think my results are skewed.

  3. Not sure how to vote… I have had 4 moving violations (3 speeding tickets, 1 failure to yield) in 31 years of driving. Is that considered average? Seems pretty low to me, but still more than 2…

  4. What a funny, intriguing little post! (But your poll doesn’t cover all the bases… Being in accidents when another car runs a stop sign or light – wrong time, wrong place – is a very different story from being in an accident, in general.

    (Not a speeder, not a slow-poke, no violations… )

  5. I have gotten a speeding ticket, but I think of myself as a really good driver. This summer I was driving home on our winding mountain road. A geezer (with Florida plates) was going 20-30 mph and was braking going uphill! When I finally got home, I told my husband that I really hope he will tell me when I am no longer safe to be driving. He looked at me and deadpanned, “Honey, you are no longer safe to be driving.”

  6. Was there a Dumb & Dumber category to vote on? I don’t speed, but I’ve managed to wreck, bump, and dent just about everything in my neighborhood.

  7. No tickets…but have been in two accidents…both of them I think were probably my fault, but still no tickets…

  8. Those red light cameras are killing me….I tend to be a good driver at the start of the school year but 2 months into the year nobody dawdles when they see me heading there way.

  9. I think your definition of “good” needs some clarification.

    I was a member of the U.K’s “Institute of Advanced Motorists” (requires taking a much harder test) and an instructor for their motorcycle arm.
    I have raced cars, motorcycles and karts – on-road and off-road.

    But…I have had “a few” speeding tickets.

    Does that make me good or bad?


  10. Um, where’s the button for before kids I got pulled over five times and talked my way out of four tickets? But I can’t say I’m a good driver because they just found me at fault for my car accident, since I hit the other car. Nevermind the other car blew a red light. I still hit him; therefore, it’s my fault.

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