Pot Shops Ordered To Close Even Though They’re Legal. Where Do You Stand?

I just read an article on msn.com about federal authorities ordering pot shops in California to close even though they’ve been legally open for 15 years.

This topic has always fascinated me. For the record, I have never imbibed. Ever. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette. I don’t judge those who do. But smoking, of any kind, is just not for me.

However, from what I know/read/learned about pot smoking it seems to me a fairly innocuous pastime. Certainly no worse than drinking alcohol. But then I hear from some experts and law enforcement that marijuana is a gateway drug, leading to bigger and scarier things.

I’ll never forget the look of horror on my parents faces when I told them I completely understood (in all my 16 years of wisdom) pot smoking. “At least you get something from it,” I said, “Cigarette smoking is like pouring dirt into your lungs. At least from pot, you get high.”

Listening to my brother-in-law (who has worked with the DEA and ICE) his stance is very black and white. It’s a drug. It’s illegal. It leads to more crime and harder drugs. It should be outlawed entirely.

I’m still on the fence.

So, I’m curious.

Where do you stand, dear reader? (Ahhh, I feel a poll coming on…..)


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11 responses to “Pot Shops Ordered To Close Even Though They’re Legal. Where Do You Stand?

  1. Hmm, read it as ‘pet’ shops. Interesting! 😉

  2. BeckySefton

    I think for medicinal purposes it has a place. Otherwise it is a gateway for harder drugs.

  3. We need to legalize the stuff. We’d eliminate the deficit just by doing that one thing.

  4. I am not a pot smoker, never have been, don’t want to be. But I do like a glass of wine. A glass of wine can lead to hard liquor and alcoholism. As the child of an alcoholic, that is fearsome too. I don’t have the answer, but if the state has no problem with the pot shops, then I think the feds should stay out of it.

  5. Here I am in the wishy-washy section – only because I don’t have enough hard facts, I think. I’m definitely for medical use and I think hassling people that need it SHOULD be criminal. Otherwise, I tend towards legalizing it, and closing down shops that are legally open is just dumb.

  6. Oh, and I’ve only smoked pot a couple of times and never felt much of an effect – but I tend to be both easily amused and a little paranoid normally, so….

  7. My thoughts. If alcohol is legal, then pot should be as well. If pot is illegal, alcohol should be as well.Why one is okay and the other isn’t, is something I do not understand.

  8. I’m a skeptic. I think CA legalized it for the tax revenue and no other real reason. I think the Feds are cracking down finally because they’re going to level hefty fines. I think this is a fascinating legal stance on how you balance state and federal power. I think we can all agree there are some federal laws that we don’t want overturned in our state. With that said, a CA friend who does partake has said it’s only a matter of time that someone will make a powerful strand of pot that someone else will take and then do something incredibly stupid and kill someone.

  9. I’ve never smoked the stuff, but I think it is absurd that so many are in prison for doing so. I voted for legalization.

  10. Legalize it. It’s a waste of time, money, and other resources to fight it compared to the dangers it poses. I mean, Rick Steves is all for it, so how could it be wrong?? =>

  11. I am in the “never indulged” club like you. Not because I’m a prude, just because it doesn’t appeal. I also used to think, ahh, what the heck legalize it. But these days I feel differently because of my own children, and because I have a sister who struggles with addiction and mental illness. We may think pot is harmless, but for her it’s lethal and causes drug-induced psychosis. So I sit firmly on the fence.

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