Where In The World Are The Kindness Police When You Need Them?

The head football coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, is under scrutiny by the NFL after telling a fan to “Shut the f— up!” as the team walked off the field at half-time.

The coach is under scrutiny by the NFL.


But what about the heckler?

Where are the kindness police when you need them?

Apparently, this isn’t the first time for Mr. Ryan. He was fined $50,000 for flipping a fan off at a mixed martial arts event. The fact that the NFL is demanding appropriate and exemplary behavior from its players and coaches on and off the field is admirable.

But what about the fans?

Who holds them accountable?

I’m all for having opinions. I have plenty of opinions about the over-paid players, the outrageous cost of tickets and the searches that make me throw out the 5 month old fun-sized candy bar smashed at the bottom of my purse that I wouldn’t have tried to eat inside the stadium anyway (yes, this really happened.)  But if I have a beef with a coach or a player or the fat cats raking in the ticket money, I’ll go through the proper channels.

I can write a letter. I can place a phone call. Shoot. I can write a blog post. (I’d tweet it but I don’t know how to tweet. I’ll leave that for the experts that eat off my bird feeder.)

But I’m not about to heckle the coach in the middle of the game.

Cheer your team. Boo the ref.

But keep your insults to yourself when you’re at the game.

Just a little thing your mother should have taught you.


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8 responses to “Where In The World Are The Kindness Police When You Need Them?

  1. Society often seems to get dragged down by the lowest common denominator. Such a shame. But that’s not everyone. I hope.

  2. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I’d have to say my “badness” outweighs my “goodness” most days. But I definitely can’t wrap my head around the concept of blatantly being mean to a person, particularly a stranger, particularly over something as silly as a football game.

  3. We seem to feel that people in the public eye especially are open targets to whom we need to show no respect or consideration. But then again, we’re losing the concepts of respect and consideration, I think, along with that “public service” idea. In too many ways, too many of us are becoming less instead of more.

  4. I don’t know where the “kindness police” are, but I’m clinging to my belief in kindness all the same.

    And the the past few days, I’m reminded why. (Do pop by my site if you can – and spread the (kindly) word…)


  5. I told someone a very long time ago..in their own home–to shut the F-ck up. It felt beyond the beyond great especially since I have probably used the word 5 times in my whole life. HOWEVER, I don’t think its a good thing to say to your customers…you know the one’s paying your salary and your players salary….but let’s fact it the coach could be doing worse. Sad. Anyway….as far as the fan…when you cross the line with insults don’t be surprised if the team or coaches responds in a less than pleasant way…. or if the nice lady behind you with the kid -spills some of her soda on you…Opps.

  6. NFL fans pay good money to abuse coaches, players and refs, too. I think it’s the flip side of the coin when your business model is built on selling them as many $8 beers as you possibly can, and then, in the world’s smallest print, adding: Drink responsibly.

  7. Love this post and you are so right! This little gem made my year though: “I’ll leave that for the experts that eat off my bird feeder.) “. Genius! Thanks for stopping by my lame blog. Totally flattered.

  8. Some people are jerks. Life can be so sad.

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