Oh! The Pressure To Write So That I Can Become Famous!

On WordPress, I read about David McRaney, a WordPress blogger who garnered a book deal based on his blog.

I thought, Yay! Good for him!

Then, I read on msn.com about a writer over at cracked.com who wrote a piece about Hollywood’s inaccuracies about the work place. The piece garnered much attention, enough to be mentioned again on msn.com.

I enjoyed both articles. But it got me thinking…..

Oooooo. What if something I wrote got noticed by someone big?  How cool would that be? Oh, the hits my blog would get. I wonder how many new people would find me? How many would click that handy-dandy little subscribe button so that they could read what I’ve written every single time I post?




Oh God. They would click back here and expect another stellar piece. What would I do then?

I enjoy this writing outlet. I love sharing my inconsequential thoughts on the controversial and the mundane. But the majority of my posts are pretty boring and only interesting to a select few (other nuts) out there. And I have typos. And grammatical errors a plenty. Shoot. I’m willing to bet my former English teachers roll in their graves every time I click publish.

But I’m famous now. And I have a public to appease. So I’ll agonize and write and delete and write some more. I’ll spend hours searching the internet for new post ideas and the perfect picture to illustrate my point. The laundry would pile up. We’d eat Chef Boyardee or take-out Chinese every night. My kids would start going to school with mismatched socks and lollipops stuck in their hair. The dog would never get a walk. Dust bunnies the size of tumble weeds would turn our breakfast bar into a wild, wild west saloon.


I can’t do it.

You’re stuck with the mostly average and the occasional stellar blog post.

So, go away you fancy, schmacy editors, you.

I just can’t handle the pressure.


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11 responses to “Oh! The Pressure To Write So That I Can Become Famous!

  1. Haha! I read that announcement about the blog-turned-book-deal and came to the same conclusion. I rather like being mostly crazy and unfiltered.

  2. Being famous is just too restrictive. Requires too much perfection. Makes writing work, taking away the fun. Meaning you have to do it all the time, whether you feel like it or not. Nope. Better to just be real. You are so wise.

  3. gaelicpearl

    I have just started blogging recently and as far as I am concerned Jane, your blog is what mine is aspiring to be. You’ve made me laugh, cheered me up, made me think, and, (best of all), inspired me to start getting my thoughts out there. Maybe you’re just average (and occasionally stellar) but I’m thinking that’s the best thing to be. 🙂

  4. I’m with Tori – ‘mostly crazy and unfiltered’ – wish I’d thought of calling my blog that.

  5. I love your writing! And I never notice any typos…I know what you’re saying though, we all probably wish we could write for a living, and we all probably don’t get what that would really mean to our lives…but still…we can dream…

  6. It is much more fun, to have fun. I could not imagine the thrill, and the agony of being noticed.


  7. Oh. You’re not famous? I must’ve have stumbled in here by accident.

  8. I love your honesty. And tongue in cheek. If you got famous, you could *hire* someone to do the laundry.

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