Dodging The Bullet On Family Picture Day

We took our family pictures recently. The more kids you have, the more schedules you have to coordinate around, the tougher it is. And this year we dodged a major bullet.

Exactly 2 hours after the photo shoot, my youngest son came down with pink eye. That morning I was struggling with clothes that weren’t too matchy-matchy. Arguing with two little boys who would rather ride scooters at the park then pose for pictures. A daughter who fussed over hairstyles. A husband who snapped and growled because his only day off that week was going to be interrupted for a photo session.

But it was all worth it.

This is what we got….

Pre-pink eye.

(Thanks, Merrilymarylee, for reminding me to celebrate the little victories.)


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13 responses to “Dodging The Bullet On Family Picture Day

  1. What a wonderful family picture!! You all look wonderful. x

  2. You guys are SO CUTE!!! (Sorry about that little bit of gushing.)

  3. Great pic!

    One year my cousin was sick, so my dad photoshopped him into our Christmas photo. You couldn’t even tell he wasn’t really there.

  4. An absolutely fabulous shot! Love the “personality” that it captures. Me and the “girls” had a 3-generation pic taken over Thanksgiving too. Look for it soon! It was quite the challenge with an ornery 3-year old!

  5. Well that picture is a winner!

    (OMG. Pink Eye. That brings back memories. Eek.)

  6. Great photograph. Here’s hoping the pink eye doesn’t spread to anyone else. You might want to put some extra bottles of Purell all over the house, especially at the place where you put his eyedrops in.

  7. So cute! I am glad you got your pics in before the pink eye. That can be a really hard thing to overcome. Hope he feels better soon!

  8. Beautiful shot. I bet even husband agrees it was worth it!

  9. So gorgeous.
    And really, pink eye wouldn’t show from that distance, right? So even if you’d started two hours later it would still be a gorgeous, mostly healthy, wonderful family. With a story for when they look at the photo next year and the next and the next.
    Happy, Merry, and Happy Merry to you.

  10. That’s gorgeous!!!! Thank God for dodging that bullet.

  11. What a great photo! Everyone’s eyes are open. How unique! I’ll have to suggest that novel idea to my clan. The picture I was so proud of finally getting…? Once I looked at it more closely, I realized that my son and daughter-in-law look like they’re in witness protection–she’s wearing giant sunglasses and he’s hiding underneath a watch cap. sigh. Maybe next decade. . . !

  12. Beautiful, Jane! We’re doing ours tonight, with TEN people and the dog…crossing my fingers for no pinkeye, although perimenopausal acne is rearing its ugly head…


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