Where In The World DO They Find These Spam Writers? I Mean It. I Want To Know WHERE.

My spam cracks me up. It can even turn into a pretty entertaining blog post. I’ve written about spam so many times, I figured you were all bored with the topic by now.

But I recently received this:

“I’m a recurrent audience of one’s blogs. My partner and i liked the recent one and other content on your weblog a lot that I have subscribed to the blog’s Feed throughout Thunderbird. Even considering thieving some thoughts and place results. Retain every one of the great going by posting far more helpful content. Time well spent about this submit. Thank you.”

Nothing out of the ordinary. But it made me giggle all the same.

“Recurrent audience of one’s blogs” – Recurrent and one’s? Love it!

“Even considering thieving some thoughts and place results” – Thieving. Cool usage. And they spelled it right. (I didn’t when I first typed it here.) And what the heck is a place result?

“Retain every one of the great going” – Huh?

“By posting far more helpful content” – Hey! I thought you said you liked my blog. Now you’re criticizing the helpfulness of my content?

“Time well spent about this submit” – What’s a submit?

The sometimes firm and not so firm grasp of the English language has me stymied. Obviously, English is NOT their primary language. So, which is it? Mandarin? Portuguese? Punjabi? (Yes. This is a language. Native to about 109 million people.)

So, I lay awake at night wondering about the grammatical errors and misuse of words, trying to figure out which language in the world would have the most trouble with these English idiosyncrasies. And because I’m not a linguist, I never come to any kind of conclusion.

But that’s OK.

I was sufficiently entertained. And pondering the origin of the material was akin to counting sheep.

So, no worries.

I’m just glad I could be of some help to a far-away spammer.

“Thank you.”

You’re welcome.


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9 responses to “Where In The World DO They Find These Spam Writers? I Mean It. I Want To Know WHERE.

  1. There’s some great words and sentences in that one! 🙂

  2. I got my first negative spam comment. But it was gently negative, as if I was just misguided, not stupid or ill-mannered or anything. I kind of admired the boldness of it. “Hey – this sucks. Come buy our stuff.”

  3. That is indeed interesting. Wonder what the purpose was?

    My experience wasn’t SPAM, but a live chat with Amazon about the ebook lending library with the Amazon Prime. It was obvious that the responder was not a person with English as the primary language. I was switched to three different individuals (or sophisticated voice recognition software). Each of the three rephrased everything I typed rather than answering my relatively simple question.

  4. The sad thing is that they’re probably getting paid “to write”, and we’re not…sigh…


  5. I don’t often look at mine but maybe I should…that’s just too funny!!!

  6. I look at mine occasionally. When I’m feeling that I have oodles of time to sit and read. I’ve reached the conclusion that the main requirement for the job is to know lots of words and how to spell them – and to have the ability to just sit and type random words with no thought to the sequence or coherence. That, I think, is quite a talent. Not necessarily terribly useful for constructive purposes, but a talent nonetheless.

  7. Whoa, that’s a whole new world to me! I’ve never looked at mine.

    Had to laugh though, if you’re reading spam for amusement, should I send you a list of books? 🙂

  8. You always make spam so much fun.

    Also, I just noticed the kitty cat in your avatar. It just showed up, right? It wasn’t curled up there that whole time? That can’t be! 🙂

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