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…And To All A Good Night!

This Christmas season, my favorite time of the year, has flown by. I feel like one of those images you see of someone standing in the middle of the road and cars/lights are flashing by at breakneck speed.

I still have Christmas cards to send out. (Yes, it is Christmas Eve.)

I still have presents to wrap. (Yes, it is 10:50pm on Christmas Eve.)

There is still a breakfast casserole to put together that must sit overnight in the refrigerator. (See above parenthetical phrase.)

For this OCD, overachieving perfectionist? I’m overwhelmed to say the least.


I still believe in the magic.

I still experienced so much love and joy this holiday season.

I still was able to stop and smell the evergreen many times over.

Wishing you and yours a magical holiday and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.


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