…And To All A Good Night!

This Christmas season, my favorite time of the year, has flown by. I feel like one of those images you see of someone standing in the middle of the road and cars/lights are flashing by at breakneck speed.

I still have Christmas cards to send out. (Yes, it is Christmas Eve.)

I still have presents to wrap. (Yes, it is 10:50pm on Christmas Eve.)

There is still a breakfast casserole to put together that must sit overnight in the refrigerator. (See above parenthetical phrase.)

For this OCD, overachieving perfectionist? I’m overwhelmed to say the least.


I still believe in the magic.

I still experienced so much love and joy this holiday season.

I still was able to stop and smell the evergreen many times over.

Wishing you and yours a magical holiday and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.


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9 responses to “…And To All A Good Night!

  1. Send you and your family Merry Christmas Wishes.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family too! I bet you’re all up by now, eating that breakfast, enjoying the gifts and each other. Hugs.

  3. The hustle and bustle is part of the season, and when The Day is finally here, with a huge sigh of relief and joy you can sit for awhile and enjoy the fruits of your labor and the pleasure of your family on this day of loving and sharing.

  4. As long as you can still stop and smell the evergreens then you will be fine. Merry Christmas!

  5. Enjoy your week of total imperfection. Hope you have some fun, some rest, and some cookies.

  6. Dang it, *your* week. Can’t abide a typo. Go fix it for me, Jane, please!

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