The Case Of The Errant Shoe Via Kid Logic

“#2 son! Why is your shoe here on the floor?”

“Because I was spying on you.”

“But why is one shoe on the floor and not with your other shoe in the shoe basket?”

Exasperated sigh. “Because I was SPYING on you when you were in the kitchen.”

“Oh. So, what were you doing? Hiding behind it?”

“Well……” he stalled, thinking for a moment. “Didja see me?”


“Then it worked. Didn’t it?”


Yep. They crack me up. Every. Single. Day.


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3 responses to “The Case Of The Errant Shoe Via Kid Logic

  1. The thing is, Jane… somewhere in that story, there’s kid logic. Frightening (and powerful) stuff.

    And funny. Yes!

  2. I guess if you didn’t see him, then he is proving that his life-long dream of becoming a spy is worthwhile. (I mean, it IS every kid’s life-long dream, right?)

  3. Tempted to call my son up, read this to him and ask him what your son was thinking – but I’m afraid he’d tell me.

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